How we define love?

The term love has actually become a relative term because of individual differences especially in relationships. Our differences determine how we perceive, define and appreciate love. So basically, what is love to one may not be to the next person. Personally, I define love as the desire and willingness to put the interest of someone else above yours whether they appreciate it or not. It is beyond a feeling as feelings are fickle and just like weather fluctuates. So if I feel like helping, I'll do so today but what happens tomorrow when that feeling isn't there? It means I wouldn't be of help and to the person who sees help as a sign of love, it means I've not shown or demonstrated love for that day.

True love transcends feelings. It puts the object of Its affection first. Its important that we know how our partners perceive love, otherwise we will be frustrated in our relationship with them. I read a book by Gary Chapman some years ago. In his book, he talked about the five love languages. Yes love has a language. Not until you communicated in a language a person understands, the person may never agree that you love him or her even when you are going out of your way to prove love to that person. I will list and explain a bit of these love languages for better clarity.

1. Gifts. Love is one aspect that is never complete without giving. The first man who ever loved, talking about God, demonstrated his love through the act of giving. John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son... So you see, giving is an act of love. There are people who understands this only when it comes to love. For them, you can't say you love them when you're stingy. So while you're saying i love you, they cant find love in your words. They need to see it in action. Action they say speaks louder than words for this group of people. They only understand I love you with presents. It's the way they are wired. The gifts don't necessarily have to be expensive. These sets of people usually show love too by giving out gifts. The way you treat people in love relationship is a sign of how you want to be treated. So watch out for how your partner expresses love. It's a sign that that's how they want to be treated too.

2. Words. This group of people love to hear words. Words of support and encouragement. Words of affirmation. They love to hear you compliment them. It fuels them and drives energy into them to do better. They want to share with you how bad their day had been and want to hear you comfort them and tell them not to worry the next day will be better off. Positive words is all that matters to them. True love has a way of helping us become better. Being in love with this group of people means that you're ready to show them love by commending their efforts. As simple as the clause, "that was a smart thing you did Adriana " sets fire in their hearts. This group appreciates your words of encouragement better to receiving gifts.

3. Touch. There are people who wouldn't feel loved without touch. They cherish hugs, kisses foreplay and sex. They love to go physical. They love PDAs. Its their own way to show or prove that they are loved and appreciated. Words alone will not communicate love. They don't understand the place of gifts as much as physical and emotional touch. They want people who will communicate with them at an emotional and sensual level. That's love to them.

4. Quality time. The reason a lot of promising relationships crumble is due to the fact that some couple fail to understand the needs of their partner. All some people want is quality time spent with them. They crave and cherish attention without distraction. They want time with their partner only. Not time shared between them and the television or in a group. Just the two of them together. So you can hear the things they say and the things they didn't vocalize. The best way to get to know someone is by spending time alone with that person often and interacting with the person. It strengthens love bond.

I've often heard some people complain, my boyfriend or husband doesn't listen to me. The truth is he's listening but not paying attention or giving the quality time that such people crave. Some others have called their relationship a quit with their partner because they feel they can't live with someone whose attention they'll keep begging for. That's how they understand and perceive love. Like how do you say you love someone when you're not ready to spend time with the person? This is how they think. Even if you get such people the most expensive gifts, they will not value it.

5. Acts of service is the last of the love languages as listed by Gary Chapman. Love is not complete for some people not until you've shown it through some acts of service to them. Like assistance with home chores, assignments, projects and any form of assistance. This is what some persons classify as love because that is their love language. This is how they communicate and want to receive love. Love is not love they say until it is given away. Some persons will even tell you that they can't marry a man who cannot be of help to them.

Some relationships got to the funeral stages without having a chance to live because the people involved refused to play their part by studying their partner and giving them what they wanted and considered as love. Just like plants require specific environmental conditions to survive, so do humans in a relationship. What works for Bridget may not necessarily work for Anna. Often times, I've often heard guys say all women are the same. All they want is money. That's a fallacy because even some got all the money and still quited.

Sometimes a woman wants to talk. She cannot talk with the money notes or the things they can buy. They need real people they can communicate with because they are emotional beings. Sometimes they need you to listen without interruption to their everything and nothing. Other times, they need to be encouraged with words, complimented as often as possible and those random acts of kindness in the form of help could be the thing that endears you to them. Know your onions and study them. It's that simple.

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Love is a chemical reaction. For at least the first phase, love is a chemical reaction. A substance in our brain called phenylethylamine increases. This substance forces us to secrete dopamine whose effects are similar to the "amphetamines" that produce the state of natural euphoria when we are with our partner. The fact that you are attracted to a person is going to be a consequence of some biochemical factors that have to do with smells and visual attraction. When I speak of smells I am not referring to artificial smells, but to the natural smell that people have.  Let us remember that we are mammals and as such, we share some particular characteristics with animals. Falling in love can deepen when you manage to find in the other characteristics that resemble yours or that attract you; that is to say, maybe you consciously don't like tall people, but there is something natural, invisible, that can make this type of people attract you. What we do after that first phase is a consequence of that state of euphoria in which we find ourselves. For example, thinking about the other person, laughing and crying for nothing, losing the appetite, idealization of the other person, feeling that the other person is the center. All these reactions are a consequence of the process of falling in love that is taking place in you. 


At the point when your dad covertly cries when you are leaving home for further examinations/employment or marriage.

When he attempts to get that marked watch(or whatever other item which you wished to have) and you saw that in shop a month ago.

When he keeps running up to your school/school if there is any unsettling influence in the city.

When he calls you his princess.

At the point when your mom is stir most of the night to check whether you require something when you are experiencing fever.

When she guarantees that you get some espresso late night amid your exams .

When she readies all your most loved formula ,just to see that bless your face.

When she encourages you to gather yourself back when you are in torment and despondency.

When she encourages you in taking consent for trip and parties.When she underpins you all around conceivable.

When she considers you the Apple of her eyes.

At the point when your more youthful sibling sorts out a birthday party for you from his very own pocket cash.

When he races to stationary shop to get that crisis pen before your exams.

Where he guarantees you wellbeing and insurance.

When he calls you frantic young lady smilingly.

At the point when your companions encourages you to defeat distresses and unacceptable outcomes from your exams.

When they urges you to move towards your objective.

When they prods you with various names.

When they say " regardless of what I will dependably be there for you,just call me".


Love is about taking a risk together an staying strong for one another if things don't turn out as good as planned or love is gambling, not with money but with your heart. You can always get money back. But might not get you heart back.


love is a lamp that is lit inside

when you feel warmth and the glow appears

your face shines and your smiles reveal more than words

your body regains that vitality

love is not lust

it is the feeling to give more and not to take or grab

it makes you want to protect and not to hurt or harm

love is the phase when we forget the self

love is when we deeply love ourselves too

we are no more the basic flesh

we are transformed to a higher state

love makes us see only the good around

and a garden and butterflies seem to be more appealing than political discussions or sad states

love is when we realize our life is worthy

and it is a journey together than the selfish urge



Love is the feeling of affection towards one another, love is the greatest of all feelings. It is unexplainable, only those who have felt it will understand what and how it feels to be in love....

love control angers

Love is the drug to sadness, it makes you see things where they do not exist, only love can make a man behave like a baby and make a woman behave like a mother..

Love is happiness


Define love by thinking of what it means that to you. If you would like, be daring and write down the sentiments and thoughts you've got concerning love.

The wordbook defines love in many ways that during which we tend to use the word. as an example, love is: A strong positive feeling of; heart or pleasure; e.g, "His joy for her heart for him" Any object of heat heart or devotion or liking: "The theater was her initial love". "I love French food".

Beloved: a beloved person; used as a term of benignity. A deep feeling of physical attraction and attraction; e.g., "She was his initial love" or "She loves her husband." A score of zero in lawn tennis or squash: "It was 40-love!" Sexual love: sexual activity between 2 individuals. e.g. "They created love." "

He hadn't had any love in months". 2 Look at however the traditional Greeks bust down love into four classes. consider that class of affection you are feeling for the individuals you're on the point of.

Agape is unconditional love. it's love by "choice" even though you're not happy. a decent example is "God loves United States of America with our faults". Philia is charity or cohesion, guided by our likes or our healthy or unhealthy wants and wishes. this can be why Philadelphia Love|city|metropolis|urban center} is named the "City of Brotherly Love". Storge is that the word for family love and also the physical show of "affection", the requirement for physical bit. generally it is the love between exceptional friends (the motion-picture show crabbed previous Men for example). Eros is that the physical "sexual" want, intercourse. it's the foundation word of sexy, and eroticism.

3 Be aware of moments after you feel love towards anyone or something.

4 Think of the explanations why you like this person. Is it actually love you are feeling or simply a association that may simply be dissolved? If there's one thing to achieve, you would possibly be drawn to it, and your want for that's confused amorously.

5 Think about whether or not you'd feel identical manner if the opposite person's appearance were to vary. Is it simply attraction

6 Capture your feelings in trope, poetry or song. "Love is like..."

7 Define love sort of a psychologist: Break love into 3 elements. Passion underlies physical want, sexual behavior, and arousal. this can be the physical facet. Intimacy is that the emotional aspect: closeness, connectedness, and heat of friendly relationship. Commitment is that the aware call to stay along for the long haul: ar you willing to require that step?

8 Ask yourself if love is forever. despite what quantity time passes by, or what obstacles become gift within the path of true and pure love, love can endure. this could be off from reality, however several notice it a comforting fantasy. Although this could be a way a lot of joyous belief to own of affection, there are those things wherever love will fail. this could be simply aforesaid to own been because of false love of mistaken identity between persons (if lovers ar star crossed and ar meant to seek out every other).

Love will cause war; within the cases of affection of faith and also the love of money; war will cause individuals to steal and murder, it will result in suicide and shatter wedding and family life, it will unfold illness and provides birth to evil. Also in some philosophical terms nothing lasts forever, not love either.

Nothing has ever lasted forever since the dawn of your time, nor shall anyone ever recognize if something can. this can be a contradiction since we tend to pledge love for eternity, though eternity cannot by definition have a conclusion. conjointly if the human mind were somehow able to last eons, attribute dictates that anger, boredom, and/or irritation can finish any relationship given enough time.


 believe that life is love,love is life...


"To be in love, to be really in love, is to love a person more than one loves oneself. To love is to accept the other in its entirety, with its defects as its qualities. It's thinking about each other constantly to the point of sometimes forgetting oneself. It is to feel complete, alive when one is at one's side. Marvel at little things, understand each other without a word, admire and respect each other.

Love is a feeling that, if shared, makes sense, and gives access to ultimate happiness. But to love someone is also to give him the power to make us suffer. Love is scary because of its hazardous and overwhelming nature, love is full of contradictions, sometimes insane, but it remains for me the most beautiful of feelings. But love goes beyond love. It can be carried to his children, his family, his friends, to the divinity in which one believes or simply to one's neighbor. Love soothes souls, softens hearts, but paradoxically, it sometimes pushes to the most abominable crimes, and when it becomes passionate, can lead men straight to madness. "


It's a selfish urge to constantly protect someone or something you treasure,  to the point you'd be willing to make sacrifices.


For me, love is a feeling that initially is only an egg that intensifies over time, which comes when the expectation is the self. it is something inexplicable that is born in the heads of men.

I live a relationship for almost a year in which there has never been sex but my girlfriend never stopped telling me that she loves me but to be honest, I was not involved at all In the relations. But this morning of Saturday I made him a text telling him to join me at home she answered me dryly I do not come without any explanation. At the sight of his answer, I felt myself force my release. It is from there that I understood that I too love it and felt the fear of losing it.

So, as if to say that love, every person conceives it in his own way. I hope that she will forgive me this day my disinterestedness in our relationship and give me a second chance to show him what love is.