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Who more cry girls or boy?

Crying is a mechanism which is triggered by the emotions like extreme happiness, sadness, pain etc. When certain emotions strike a human, his/her brain trigger the hormones which cause the formation of the tears.

Girls are more sensitive than boys, and their brains trigger these hormones at a lower level of any of the above mentioned emotions. So, girls cry more than boys.

Biologically this process is same for both boys and girls, but due to the training or culture ... when these emotions trigger these hormones which form tears, another mechanism starts working in the boys, which tries to control or stop the process of the formation of the tears. This is psychological, because in most of the societies, boys are not supposed to cry.

Some exceptions does exist in boys and girls but crying girls ratio is far more than crying boys. 


Talking about who cries more often, most people will probably answer women more often to tear than men. Women are considered more emotional and often shed tears, while men are considered abstinence from crying.

The phrase cry is said to make feelings feel better when disappointed or sad. Crying is synonymous with human behavior when expressing emotions, be it anger or a happy expression.

Women are synonymous with feelings that are gentle and easily moved. In many moments, not only sadness but also happiness, women are more easily ejected tears.

Women and tears are often regarded as good friends who are difficult to separate.

The women also cried about 6 minutes at a time, while men cried for only 2-3 minutes. There are many reasons why men only cry for a while, mainly because of social factors. The image of a man who is male is not suitable if you have to shed tears for too long, regardless of the assumptions above, there may be further research that can be found why women tend to cry more often than men.



Answering your question, it is not about whether it is man or woman who cries, since crying is a human feeling, it is totally normal.  

Crying means expressing yourself, for better or worse, you can cry of emotion, of joy, of sadness, of anger, of confusion; Crying means to drain feelings, it is a perfect way to vent.  

Currently in our society we have a wrong message about what it means to cry, we believe that men should not do it but women do, so they refer to women as "weeping women" and men as rude, which bothers me totally since it is not like that.

  Crying is totally normal, be you man, woman, child, girl, adult, even an animal, since your pet can also do it, cry is to feel, is to vent and express yourself and believe me, crying is an excellent way to feel better !!  


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Girls are more emotional than guys so they cry more. So many things makes a girl cry.

When they are having sex they cry

When they are in the labour room they cry

During their menstruation they cry

When heartbroken they cry

When you cheat on them, they cry

they cry for almost everything

But guys can keep their emotions in check,


Girls. It comes down to sex roles but depends on age. Crying is a signal of severe emotional distress. It signals "I'm badly in need of help". Children cry to signal their mothers they have unfulfilled needs or that they need consolation. At infancy, there is very little difference between boys and girls. Both are completely helpless and dependent on their mothers.

As children age, they begin to learn gender roles which serve to amplify natural sex differences. Adult men cry much less than women. That's because of how gender roles work among humans. Crying is a distress signal. It is considered unbecoming of a man to cry in front of others because it is men's purpose to provide resources and security to women and children. Men as a group produce far in excess of their own needs. The excess is consumed by women and children. A man who cries in public is seen as weak which is the same thing as unmanly. To be a man is to sacrifice for the benefit of women and children. A man is literally as valuable as his offerings. Or at least that's how society sees it. An alternative is to consider a man a valuable and sovereign being in his own right. But that's a discussion for another day.


Looking at it on a general level, I would say girls cry more than boys. Crying is an emotional trigger, backed by pain, sadness or extreme joy. 

Naturally, anyone can cry because we are all emotional beings. Why girls cry more is because girls are more likely to be emotional than boys. Boys are more logical than emotional. They would rather deal with an issue with their head than let it get to them. But for a girl, they deal with issues from the heart and that is why you see them cry more.


It's girls [maybe] XD hehe,,, just my 1 cent


I think girls cry more often, generally speaking, but when a boy cries something must be deeply upsetting him.