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What are your views about libraries physical existence vanished day by day?

These are places we should as a community that moves to the digital age should continue to preserve and while we take those books and digitize them. We should also take works that are digitized and turn them to books too. We should with every library have some book makers that can preserve books as they get damage through use. 

There is an atmosphere which can be felt when in a library which is hard to duplicate outside of it. These also keep information freely available to people. The loss of these books and our ability to repair them would be of great loss to us and any future generations that will be deprived of them. A revolution will turn where going to the library to hear a story read will become a great thing for children. As generations adapt to the digital media, The rarity of books and the novelty they bring will enhance the beauty of having a story read to you by a story teller.

I dare say they may also develop holograms that can generate pictures to go along with the stories too at some point. 

There are so many historic records which have not yet been digitized and so much on line that maybe should. We should treasure these arts of Bookbinding and book creation just like we do those of an endangered species. There are so many talents and arts that can be revitalized and enjoyed. Keeping the knowledge of how to do these things is better kept in more than one form. Important items should be duplicated in both multiple times.

There is so much we lose by not having books around. They hold so much inspiration within their pages. This cannot be felt to the same extent when scrolling a web page or tablet. It holds a certain comfort, It also encourages the taking of notes and in this taking of notes, we inherently imprint the things we learn. We have a greater chance to remember the things we need to remember and be sure not to miss. 

This might be all because I am of an older generation to many who are on line today. The personal feeling and atmosphere provided by the book is irreplaceable and unique. For learning it is a better method to gain understanding, Knowing you cannot just pull something up on the tablet, encourages you to remember and improve your memory skills, Like I said old school here, On the down side, they weigh more to carry around than the tablet.


One thing is said to be constant and that's change. In every society across the world and across centuries, the society evolves primarily due to changes in human philosophy, sciences and other advancements. Societal evolution is inevitable.

What seems to be trending today would tomorrow become obsolete due to one advancement or the other. The world has witnessed changes for instance in trading: from barter system to commodity money, to fiat money, down to currencies, e-money and now we are entering cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, inevitably, we are looking at the same evolution happening to physical libraries, as they are being substituted by internet libraries. This means that individuals, organisations and Governments running the physical libraries have to upgrade their libraries not only to have physical presence but also internet presence least they risk running out of relevance.


When I was younger, libraries are essential on our studies as it is the only credible source of information that I can rely to.

I didn't have computer back then and although there are public internet cafe where I can do my research it's considered to be very expensive.

Nowadays, I feel that searching through the web is far more convinient than going to the library. That's why it's not surprising that majority of us is using internet to learn about the things that we want and can't be bothered to go to library to check.

Even though, it seems that the library is not being appreciated compared to that the way we did, I feel that it should not be va forgotten or disregarded. The idea of a library is not just the books that are stored in it, it's actually a place of learning. It has to be integrated to the way we currently think and it has to adapt to the trend of the present generation in order for it to cope up with their needs.


For me the physical existence of the library is obvious! First, because there are still all these paper collections that will remain the unique access to a certain number of information, knowledge and creations that constitute our cultural heritage. This will not be replaced anytime soon. In addition, our generations - and this will last a few decades! - have learned to read, to learn, to learn in paper form; but these are habits that do not change so quickly. The way e-books struggle to take place also demonstrates this. Reading a book in paper form is not only a technique, it is cultural, it is a habitus, a relationship to a culture, a memory, a book era that today coexists with a digital age but which does not disappear.

The physical place will also remain because digital, contrary to what is often said, does not necessarily facilitate democratization and access to knowledge and information. Digital technology also requires technicalities and skills, such as knowing how to evaluate information, distinguishing valid information, and so on. These are things that are learned, and libraries today, at least in the academic field, play this training role. This is important if you do not want to fall into the digital divide: rich news and poor news, those who know how to use digital information and those who do not know, or less well.


From my view, I still love the physical books as sometimes I have spent too much time looking at the screen, I would spend time touching paper which the books are printed on. It is quite fun to have the feeling of reading books.

I don't think libraries would really disappear even as we go into the new digital age. How many people we know actually read all our e books fully. Sometimes even e books carry tons of book but due too much distractions from the other apps, we would still be more focused reading books instead.

Libraries in China and some parts are built as spectacular as it can be. In my city, I can see wave of people seeking education going to the library everyday. Not everyone would love to read on kindle or any sorts of ebooks.

I guess in the modern period of time when education is important, libraries still play a really important role.


It's kind of depressing, to be honest. Due to modern technology, somehow the value of books is decreasing. People tend not to go to libraries anymore. 

We don't have lots of public libraries in the place where I live, but when I was a University student, I used to frequent our University library. I find joy in books. 

A lot of people nowadays prefer ebooks to books and students can easily ask Uncle Google whenever they have something to research., but in my case I'd still prefer reading physical books. Being able to flip through the pages excites me and the scent of the book gives me a different feeling. It's like a feeling of home. 

It's sad to know that learners nowadays won't really get the enjoyment and thrill in going to libraries. Enjoyment to see newly arrived books and thrill in lining up and get to borrow those books.