Is steemit your work or its become addiction?

I often say this on most of my answers here and on some of my blog posts that Steem for me is only a sort of investment, an investment that does not cost me money but only my leisure time. 

A platform where I can freely vent out my thoughts without any judgement (unlike the trolls on other social media platforms) and a platform I can freely share out my passions and interests all at the same time earning some extra money (for future use) just for sharing. To put it simply: Steem is kind of like a hobby that is slowly becoming an addiction. XD

Even if the price goes back to over $5+, I still wouldn't be tempted to leave my job and go full Steem. I am the type of person who takes "sure paths" especially when money is involved and I just can't risk my future to the volatility of Steem. 

I am pretty hopeful that Steem will eventually make me richer in the future though and that is why I am investing most of my free time in here accumulating as much SP as I could. :)


A bit of both I would say.

I really enjoy it and spend so much time on here now it I crazy. Once you see success and growth it is hard to stay away. I have  a target in my head each day now that I need to achieve in order to maintain the growth.

I am spending all sorts of time on here now and can easily do 8 hours during the week and much longer at weekends. Unfortunately growing your account takes commitment and that means time. If you want to achieve success you have to sacrifice something and the social life goes out the window.

I wouldn't say i am an addict but I have made it a personal challenge and the amount of time I suppose you could easily say it is an addiction. I think once i have grown to a certain size i can relax a little more and just maintain it not worrying so much on growing quickly.


I'm neither addicted to steemit nor is it my work. Steemit is fun. It replaces other social media platform in my agenda. I go to work everyday and I post only when I'm chanced.There is no doubt that many steemians has taken steemit as a work simply because of unemployment issues in some part of the country. I am a professional in my field and I would not allow anything to take that from me.

I love steemit because i am always learning through the platform and other dspps on its blockchain, like musing and the likes. However, the benefits gotten from the reward cannot be left out. It is the basics why most are still holding unto the platform. If today God forbid, steemit goes to zero cent, only those with the passion for it will stay. Virtually all are still here because it gives a reward for their hard work. If anyone dim it fit to take it as a work, fine. When you are committed to something, you become a master someday. I've seen so many people that can't do without steemit in a day.

I told some to download an app that analyse how long they stay on some apps on their phone and I discovered that browsers always takes the lead. Its all about steemit. Speaking for myself , I'm neither addicted nor a steemit workaholic, but I love steemit and I'm always part of it.


@beautychicks cares.


A little bit of both.