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You have any real interesting story in your life?

One time when I was traveling in Japan I got arrested from a nightclub!

It was in an area of Tokyo called Roppongi, it's notorious for it's night clubs where many people go to party and potentially hook up. I had recently met a lad from Germany on a night out and he was partying with his Japanese girlfriend.

We went to a night club called Gaspanic and it was a pretty good night at first but they were pretty weird with each other. They kept sharing cigarettes and then trying to stub each other with the hot end when passing it over. Eventually while she was dancing up on the bar she lent down and nearly got him in the eye. He got mad and stupidly took the cigarette and put it out on the top of her foot.

As you can image she started to scream and it caused a scene right away! Now I was super drunk and didn't immediately  understand what had happened. I spoke a little Japanese but didn't know the word for ice. I lent over the bar and started drunkenly shouting "MISU! MISU!!", (Water! Water!!) the shocked bartender got me a glass of water and had no idea why I didn't want it!

After who knows how long I realised I wasn't able to get ice or anything to help this woman and it was then it also suddenly dawned on me that the German guy had already left long ago!

"Oh No!" I thought to myself! This isn't good! My drunk brain slowly processed the situation and I figured I should also leave, a lot of people had stopped what they were doing and were pointing at me!

I started to make my exit and as the stairs leave on the outside of the building it's covered from the rain so you also can't see the bottom. As I got to the bottom the two huge armed and highly tattooed bouncers were ready and made their way towards me.

The bouncers led me to the bottom and I just knew they were ready to smash me if they needed. At the time I was 18 and had many kickboxing matches but I was no match for either of these guys. If this wasn't already going poorly enough for me as we got to the bottom I saw at least 5 Japanese police cars waiting for us!

Oh. My. God.

I had never even been arrested in my home country of England!

They took me in the back of one car after taking my passport, let me tell you this seemed like the longest car journey of my life. I didn't really understand any of the Japanese talk in the front of the car. As I had been completely compliant they hadn't hand cuffed me which was my only comfort right now, what if they thought it was me that hurt the woman!

When we got to the station I was taken to a small room with a table and handful of chairs. I could hear the Japanese lady nearby going absolutely mental in a nearby room. I had no idea what she was saying but she was NOT happy!

A handful of Japanese officers entered the room and one started to shout at me in Japanese. This had me more than a little shocked and my basic Japanese skills did not help me at all. Before long an officer behind him translated into English for me. I would answer and he would translate back.

I told them I was in Japan on my own and I had only just met the German guy while out from my Hotel. We got talking and he invited me out I thought I'd be introduced to his girlfriend's friend, but we didn't get that far into the night! I explained I saw what happened they had been fighting and he hurt her foot etc, but I had no idea who he was and had never met them until that night!

I was terrified that they wouldn't believe me but eventually they realised I wasn't the white guy they were looking for! I was left alone in the room for a short while and when an officer came back he apologized to me in English, gave me an umbrella as it was raining outside, and some cash for a taxi that was already waiting!

Truly an experience I will never forgot!



One time, me and the fellow military boys took a friend to Tijuana to lose his virginity. 

His name was something like Samiche, and we called him Sandwich.

In the first strip club/bar/brothel , he thought the women were amazing and wanted to be friends with them all, but not lose his virginity. 

So we took him to another club/bar/brothel, and found the perfect one for him. 

He lost his virginity on the second try, and insisted he was now a real man, and ready to go drink some beers. 

We decided to go to a more upscale place, and he was insistent on getting a head start. 

So he took off, and we lost sight of him. 

What happened next was nothing short of terrible, hilarious, and totally wrong. 

He was out in the middle of the street about a half hour later, completely naked in a sombrero. The Mexican police had kidnapped him and stolen all of his money and clothing, and released him naked for embarrassment, because they didn't like American's.

He was not happy to say the least, but I am willing to bet he looks back on it today and laughs. 

Those were the days.


Well, I think our life is a combination of stories. or you can say, 

There are many stories in my life, but here i would love to share my story to reach steemit!

I cleared my graduation in 2012 and after completing my graduation, i couldn't start my studies due to some situations.

and i started searching for job. But I couldn't find one, I went to many banks for the job, but they all wanted the person who already has relevant experience, 

But here i want to ask, how someone have experience, if no one is giving him the ob ? 

A very big question mark.

after that, I went to nestle company to apply for Order Booker job, but sadly there were no seat empty for that post, but there were a seat empty for sales man or sales boy, who sell the product along with the van, i accepted that job, because it was my need,

After doing job for almost 6 month, my uncle said there is a computer operator job for you,  do you want to do ? 

As i was a IT boy, i said yes, and left the sales man job, 

my new job was in the Gold market, Where jewelry is being made. 

Sadly it was not a job for a computer operator, it was a job for a boy who purify the Gold and check how much impurity is in the Gold, with the help of h2so4, 

I kept doing that job, because it was my need, I worked their for 3 years, along with the work, i resumed my education and got admission in the masters, 

After completing my masters, again the story repeats itself and i didn't get job any where and then i decided, i will work online, and it started to work on youtube, but youtube made me quit due to it's hard rules and requirements and after that I came to know about steemit from a Facebook group.  I started digging about it and started working on it, in the start i did some spam too, but as the time goes, 

I Kept learning about this platform, how it works, how we can earn, etc etc,

and after 7 months, i am earning enough to bear my expenses ALHAMDULLILLAH.

My struggle does not stop here!

now i am starting my career as Graphic designer on fiverr too!


Yes I do and it is not a pleasant one. I have told the story before but I will summarize it here again.

I got married at age 27, lost wife during childbirth. The baby lived and flourished for one year and one month, then another tragedy struck.

My late wife's mother who has been the one nursing the baby travelled on a pilgrimage to Mecca and left the baby to the care of her aunt and uncle. One day, the aunt went out and put the toddler in charge of her uncle. After some minutes, the uncle totally forgetting he was in charge of a toddler thought of warming the cars in the garage not knowing that the toddler was trudging behind him he entered the car, started the engine and put the car into reverse gear with his leg pedalling the accelerator.

In short, he ended up crushing the toddler, my own daughter that served as a little compensation for losing my wife to childbirth. I literally died for a few months.


I had a story in my life.

It was about travelling.

I travell with my family. I was 7 years old.

The area where I visited it was a travelling area.

After complete my lunch I just walking around a hill.

But I lost my path then after 2 hours my parents found me


My father was working as a laborer for

the day. We had a little bit of land, where

we used to cultivate 3 times a year. This

would have benefited little in our Family.

We were poor but my dad did not

understand me. The way my other boys in our village

grew older than my grandfather, my

father was making me bigger.

I was paying my job to the police. I was

getting second place with the test, but in

the era there is no good student value. I

have not been able to get my job.

Government jobs do not have jobs

without money. If I have a job on my

forehead, one day I get a job right away. I

am 21 years old still have my government

job age. I'm going to try.

But I have to do something now because

my father is old and can not work now. I

now have a job where I pay $ 70 a month

with which I can not afford to care for my

family and I can not even quit the job.