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Which source more valuable article or books?

I think there is no definite answer to this question as it really depends. There are certain factors to consider:

1. Facts: Is your source factual? If it is a research paper, does it have good references? Are the data reliable? Whether it is a book or an article, if the author presented the facts well with reliable and accurate data, then it is more valuable than the other. 

2. Fiction: Are you into fictional pieces? If so, then you would probably enjoy books more as they offer more fictional pieces, for example, short stories, fables, poems, and others. It depends on your liking.

I cannot say which is more valuable because both are. It depends upon the material actually because no matter what if it is a book or an article, it depends upon the quality of work the author has put into it rather than the way it is presented such as whether a book or an article. I hope my answer helps!


I would say it depends on the basis for what you consider to be "valuable".

If you value historical facts, poetry, and fiction, then perhaps books are plenty suitable for your needs.

If you like current stats, data, current events, ect, articles, and online applications may be more suitable for your needs.

If you have an insatiable appetite for all kinds of information, incorporating books and articles may be the most suitable choice for your information consumption needs. 



“More valuable” is completely subjective.

And the question doesn’t factor in the CONTENT.

To one person, one book may be worth shit. Another, it’s weight in gold.

To another person with A.D.H.D., they may not have the attention span for ANY book - so articles might be more valuable TO THEM.

But then again, not articles are TRUTHFUL. So if THEY were to say “article,” would it REALLY be more valuable if they were buying into bullshit - whereas some different book might actually contain the truth they need/want...?

Book or article, is just the container.

The value comes from what’s inside...