What was your happiest moment on steemit?

I remember it very well. It was one of those moments that could be likened to a miracle. 

I had been in need of money badly and there was no one to talk to about it. There was something that was going to come up and I needed some money to partake in it. I was barely getting cents from the posts I made. Nobody cared what was going on with the other person and everybody was out for what he or she could gain.

I decided to do something. It was during that period that comments were getting scarce on people's blogs. I figured out that if I randomly connected on some blogs as they are posted and make good deductions about the contents I see, I could get upvoted for it. So, i had been doing it and seeing little results. I didn't give up and even had plans to double my efforts. After all, commenting was free (before this resource credit stuff came up) and there was no limit to the number of comments that could be made daily. 

One of those days, as I just logged in, i found a blog post by @ned. He had just posted it few seconds ago. I quickly skimmed through and got the idea of what he was talking about. He had been looking for programmers and said we should recommend people. I commented by saying I had some friends who were programmers and that I'd let them know about it. i left his posts and commented on several other posts that day.

Some hours later, I came back to see that @ned had upvoted the post with about $45 worth. I was elated and immediately began telling my friends about it. They said I was very lucky.

it didn't exactly come out that way though as some folks began flagging the comment. At the end of the day, it was barely $32 or so I think. However, that remains the biggest I have ever received on this platform. It was my happiest day on Steemit.


My happiest moment in steemit is when I can write with flow, when ideas come and I directly write them down. No matter whether I get curated or not, what is important is that my ideas can be written in words and posted in steemit.

Next is my happiest moment in steemit, when I meet new people in the discord. Say hello and share stories, joke, share experiences. This is my happiest moment in Steemit.

Very simple isn't it? My happiest moment in steemit.


There were many but I'm going to name the happiest. 

Before registering to Steemit, I've been on another platform and had a lot of friends. It's been a great community but the platform  went dark overnight and basically we became homeless. 

When I registered to Steemit,  my first move was to find my friends I knew from the other platform but even so, it was hard, I had to struggle with bandwidth problems, lived on borrowed SP from Steemit and had to work hard to be able to grow. 

I remember a nice lady who I knew from that other platform but we were not close at all.  After leaving a comment to her, she got back to me saying "I remember you" and then she visited my blog, left a nice comment and gave me a tip of $1.28. Today might not mean a lot (to me it still means a lot because I appreciate every penny I get) but back that it was a huge amount for me. I could not believe my eyes. I said thank you of course, and she replied by saying "we have to make the platform attractive to the new ones". I'm never going to forget her words. 

She's my best friend on Steemit, ever since and I hope that is not going to change. It was a lesson for me and then I made a promise to myself, if I get to a certain point, I'm going to help others, because I have to give back to the community. I got help and support and now it's my turn to help. 


I've had some happy moments on steemit, not just one moment. The first time I was very happy on steemit was when stach featured my post among their community support post for the day and I was very glad that my post was considered even though I was yet to join their discord by then.

What really makes me happy on steemit is when my post generate a lot of interaction, it really makes me feel like my effort for creating the post isn't wasted. I don't actually get many upvotes on my posts and my reward are always very low. So i don't pay too much attention to the reward, but interaction on my post is what excite me the most on steemit


I think the happiest moment was when I got more than 1 comment on  a post. I had been on Steemit for about 3 weeks and my posts were making about 1 c and normally got 1 comment at the most. I was shocked when I received 2 comments and knew I would make it after that.

Steemit is tough and to grow is very hard. There were no Dapps then so no short cuts. I can understand why so many users don't make it and give up now after those first few months. 


Being upvoted by @curie for the first time on a post I worked hard on. It was a post for a another contest that required participants to talk about their hobbies this 2018. It was the challenge of creating something exceptional that curie curators and reviewers would considering fitting for their voting criteria. Being voted on by that community has more prestige than getting some short term higher pay outs. It's a blogger's confidence that they can produce quality works that curie upvotes.