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What if you hadn't got to know about Steemit, what things would you have missed?
  • I would have missed a wonderful blockchain based social media.
  • I would have missed the so many the use-case of blockchain technology for posting, commenting, replying, sending cryptocurrecny like steem and many others.
  • I would have missed the global connection with some great crypto enthusiast and also great writers.
  • I would have missed many DApps like musing, steemhunt, dtube etc and many others.
  • I would have missed a tokenized social media community.
  • I would have missed the unique way of content creation and reward system of steemit.
  • I would have missed value addition which I am adding on day to day basis in my life through my activities on steem blockchain.
  • I would have missed many great articles.
  • I would have missed many contests, beautiful photography etc.
  • I would have missed a decentralized social community like steemit.
  • I would not have been able to sharpen my writing skill which has really improved for me over a period of time with steemit.
  • I would not have generated that much enthusiasm in blockchain space and I would not have become able to know about many core concepts of blockchain technology.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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I feel a kind of thrill using steem blockchain, specially using steemhunt and musing (These are two dApps/platforms, I am mostly using).

It gives me a sense of accomplishment regarding blogging part of my life. I feel fulfilled when Steemians upvote/comment on my hunts and post answers to my questions. I feel pleasure when any of my hunt get approved, and someone likes my written/posted answers. It is a type of joy to feel your thoughts expanding their claws to new ideas and various fields of life. I have gained a lot of experience using Steem Blockchian and came to know many amazing bloggers.

I could have gained all above mentioned benefits but what makes Steem Blockchain different is its system of upvotes & rewards which, in my opinion, keeps a lot of users motivated (including me). 

So, I would have definitely missed a lot of colors of blogging/life.