What do you think the future of Energy is?

The next big way of generating energy is nuclear fusion. Besides that more research will be done in transmitting and storing energy more efficiently. Wireless inductive charging and using smart grids will efficiently transfer renewable energy. Higher temperature superconductors and graphene ultracapacitors will store energy. Nanotechnology will allow solar panels to be made cheaper and thinner.

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I believe very soon most countries will focus more on

solar energy to generate electricity and i believe that would be an interesting development for the world as a

whole,that is why i believe that we should start developing more solar panels that would be useful for

the generator of solar power when many countries finay decides to fully implement the usage of solar energy as

the major source of generating electricity in the countries...


Energy coming from the face of the earth will ultimately succeed, human life will begin to deteriorate, but in the future humans throughout the world will compete to create an artificial energy that can help their lives.


Solar and wind primarily but I think we are missing a lot of energy production by not using the tides as a power source. The constant up and down movement of the ocean could easily produce massive amounts of power.