What makes a kid successful in school?

There are many things that help to influence success in school for a child.

The first thing is that the child's basic needs are met.  These include food, water, sleep, security, and safety.  Without these needs being met each day, the child will struggle with focus, attention, and drive to complete work.  Being fed each day, getting good quality sleep, feeling secure and that people love you, and feeling safe both at home and school and basic needs we all need to feel loved and be successful in life. 

Another thing to help students with success is positive relationships both at home and school.  Students need to feel that adult care about them and their success.  If relationships with the staff at school are not built or with at least one trusting adult, the child will struggle with focus and effort due to feeling that no one cares about them.  Students need to feel like they belong at school and in the classroom.

Family support also plays a huge role in a student's success at school.  This includes parents, or guardians checking in with the teacher, doing homework with the student or even just practicing skills with the student; such as reading nightly, practicing math facts nightly, or spelling words.  Positive relationships between home and school are so important to the success of a student.  If the student feels like the parents hate the teacher or school, this can greatly impact the relationship and success with school.

With all of these basic influences in place, school will be much more successful for a student.  The student will put in effort and focus on tasks given to them.  They will have a sense that school is important and they must do well to be successful.  


When the kid receive adequate care and attention from his parents

When the teacher teaches the student very well giving practical examples of what has been taught and when the kid understands what he or she was taught

When the school peers of this kid are intelligent and smart ones.

When the environment itself (other things or people that constitutes the society such as; the media, movies, other close family members) influences the kid more positively than negatively,

Then the kid will succeed.


What makes a kid successful in school is parents, teachers and the environment. Schools should be a comfortable place for children, not the other way around.

Making school a safe and comfortable place to learn and play is the main factor that makes kids successful in school.

Without having to be filled with material and a lot of homework.


Thank you for asking a nice question. There are many things that can make the kids successful in school. The beginning of life is from school and from here we can learn and learn a lot. This is the most important time of our life. There are some things that will help in succeeding from here.

     I'm discussing below

First of all, I would say that kids should be good with teachers

Secondly, I will say that teachers have to work as well

Third, I would say that the rules of the school must be obeyed

Fourth, I would say that the teacher's homework must be done


children who prevail in school: 

Are "anxious to learn." From soonest youth, guardians and network have offered intriguing things to investigate, and have empowered interest. 

Seek after learning. This implies they make inquiries, and they look for help. When they stall out, they realize that grown-ups are close by to help—and that it merits inquiring. 

Placed exertion into their work. Guardians can pass on the message that if kids make a decent attempt, the outcomes will satisfy. These children are pleased with exertion, and they don't surrender. 

Utilize strong enthusiastic and social abilities. School is brimming with passionate and social test, as children handle companions, expert, and gathering elements. Guardians can help by supporting children in using sound judgment and being liberal companions. 

Have their very own precise perspective learning and aptitudes. Guardians help when they praise their kids similarly as they seem to be, neither less nor more, while as yet promising high expectations and dreams. 

Hope to guardians as good examples for learning. This does not imply that guardians must be immaculate—it implies they should be genuine, and they should will be students here and there as well. 

Have homes that "advance learning by normal educating." This doesn't necessitate that Bach be channeled into the nursery or conceptual science be instructed in the sandbox. It implies that guardians talk, clarify, name and check ordinary things and encounters, helping kids learn and make meaning. 

Pursue accommodating family schedules. Children can rely on customary suppers, showers, and rest times. At the point when it's the ideal opportunity for school, they're prepared to go. 

Realize that rules check. Guardians help by defining clear breaking points and limits - "legitimate" as opposed to excessively strict or excessively remiss. 

Go to schools with "elevated standards," solid and powerful staff improvement, and great correspondence about children's advancement. Whatever the age of the tyke, guardians can help by displaying great correspondence, and by remaining in near touch with instructors and school staff.