How important is a substrate for an aquarium tank ?
I am planning to remove marbles and pebbles at the bottom of my aquarium tank and replace with a good substrate. I just want to know the importance of a substrate in a tank which can I use as a deciding factor while choosing an appropriate one of all the different varieties.

Actually The substrate of the aquarium tank refers to the actual material which is used on the tank bottom... this can actually affect the water chemistry, the filtration, and also the actual well-being of the aquarium's inhabitants, and it is also plays an important role on the part of the aquarium's aesthetic appeal.....

let me also pass a quick information that an appropriate substrate actually depends on the actual type of aquarium; the most vital and also important parameter is whether the aquarium actually contains a fresh water or a saltwater.....

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The substrate for aquarium is of utmost importance since it is part of your aquatic micro ecosystem, this is the base on which the aquatic plants take root, assuring a subjection and a contribution of vital nutrients to grow in an optimal way and so that there is a harmony stable within the.

It is as if it were a "land for aquariums" in which, in addition, beneficial bacteria settle for filtration and the correct assimilation of nutrients by the plants of the fish tank, a good choice of the will give you the success of the health of your fish and live microorganisms.

In nature, the substrates of aquatic plants vary greatly in mineral and organic composition, and in texture.

On the other hand, in a large number of aquariums, the needs of aquatic plants in relation to the substrate are still not well covered. We must know how to identify what our plants need.

Many aquatic plants absorb large amounts of nutrients through the roots (others do not). In these cases, the substrate for aquarium should serve them not only to fix, but also to feed and expand.

Most of the substrates that are marketed today have the most basic mineral components that plants need to have good health and development. Some do not have all the necessary supplements and are supplemented with liquid fertilizer, it is important that your substrate is not chalky because it alkalizes the medium, hindering the absorption of CO2 and nutrients by plants and can be bad for the health of animals.

I hope this information serves you.

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