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Is facing the possibility of your own death scary for you ? How would you deal with it ?
Suppose you are about to die in some days or some months because of some disease. How would you take it and face that ?
I'm not gonna lie, if I know the manner of my own death, then I would probably do my very best to avoid it.

No! It's not that I am scared about death, but it is human nature to "flee" instead of to "fight" whenever one senses danger. If the manner of my death is somewhat like being stabbed to death, or being gunned down then I myself can at least try to avoid it.

However, if you are talking about the cause of death like a "terminal illness", then what I would do is just spend my remaining time with my loved ones. If I can still do some basic stuffs such as running without making my condition worse, then I would one by one achieve my bucket list. :)
In my childhood when ever I heard about a death I always wondered what it meant. How does an individual die. What happens when they die. As I was growing up both my knowledge and curiosity about the whole death related process was getting heavier and heavier. I saw people die upclose. I saw pain in death. People filled with pain of loosing loved ones. I also saw peace in death. Death after suffering from a disease that had no cure. And with death finding peace.

This was the time when I discovered that death was an anomaly that had more abstract meanings than it had properties of reality. I learned how every religion had different interpretation of death. I asked myself, not often but asked, what would happen if and when I die?I would become " A soul that comes back again and again to the living plain? " or " a soul that is lost in the cosmic chaos forever?". This unsure outcome of death made me very scared. why wouldn't it be as death is an uncertain event. No one living knows what will happen after. They only have assumptions and guesses. And that's why the answer to the first question would be yes. The idea of me being dead is possibly very very scary for me.

Now to the second question, I guess I cant do anything to deal with it. For a better understanding let me elaborate a bit. Is there anyway any method using which I would know the eexat mmoment when I will die? The answer I think would be no. There is no way of knowing.. Its like giving an exam, you don't know the day when the result will be published. And my philosophy is I don't overthink about things that are uncertain. I know the outcome but I don't know when and things like that is a waste of time to think about.

So how would I deal with the last possible outcome in my life? There is nothing to be done but only delaying the inevitable. I can follow daily routins, stay fit by working out, eat helathy, take treatments and full body chekups and all it can do is just buy me a little bit more time and that is also an unsure statement. The only thing I can do is what I would. I would let time take me where my road ends and try to make the most while I'm at it.
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As a living being, I am afraid to face death. But death is sure to come, every living one must die. Therefore, as a Muslim I am
preparing themselves by worshiping, doing all that God commands, doing good for others, giving alms and reciting the Qur'an.

I believe that there is life after death, though different nature is the grave and the hereafter. I believe there is heaven and hell, therefore I remain steadfast in keeping God's command. May my time in the last day get mercy on His side.
I have actually a rare blood disorder that could sneak up on me any day and I'd be toast if I missed the signs of it coming out of remission in time. I think about death every day, it is just something I never can get out of my head.

For me, it isn't the life beyond this life that worries me, I am certain that I have some family and friends with which to reunite at that time and I can't wait to see them again.

However, the act of dying itself.. taking the last breaths, maybe struggling for air to breathe or being in a tremendous amount of unfathomable pain. It is a worry for me. My fear is gasping for breath.. drowning, suffocating.. etc. If I knew I could die peacefully in my sleep I would be very very happy.
no dealth is not that sacry then living so if it happens i spent my time with family and travel as much as i can and also try all those things which i never be able to because of some issues.

Well death is something that we will all experience
someday and that is why i always advice people that we all should live a good life and make the

world a good place for all and live a life of good legacy so that when we die people will say good

things about us and they will not have to lie at our burial ceremony when they want to talk about

us,yeah death can be scary when thinking about it but it is something that every human will face someday somehow...
Death is not scary it never was because it is the only truth that existed from the very beginning. What is scary is the thought of leaving things unfinished and leaving the world with regrets.

But as you know most of us are selfish and greedy, they always want more. More money, More fame, More love and More time to make more of these, that sometimes they forget the absolute truth in this land of living.