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Will all the social media be token based in future? Can it benefit people over non token based social community?

Social media has to be tokenized to see a future which is long lasting and sustainable. You might have noticed the recent buzz around facebook who is planning to launch its token and within next 2/3 year, more such news will come to the limelight.

Human being is also a resource, a smart phone or laptop or a tablet is also a resource. The internet connect and electric connection to your home is also a  resource and with all these resources it is possible for you to access and operate a social media site. Then why a social media sites can not tokenized ? The other resources as said above also require monetary resources to enable you to interact over social media without any interruption. So this principles demands the tokenization of social media too.

A community is a group of individuals and tokenization of a community means, keeping a native currency of the community which defines the economy of the community. In 21st century and especially after the birth of first ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin, there have been many crypto and blockchain project which forms the basis of different communities and all these communities have their native token or cryptocurrency. So a token fundamentally constitute the economy of a community.


  • It helps to make effective and efficient management of resources within the community.
  • Technically resources are always limited in nature and tokenization of a community always helps to make optimal use of resources which in turn bolster the economy of the community.
  • It helps to make the community successful and stable.
  • Tokenization of the community also enables healthy rotation of resources between different peers within the community.
  • It encourages the members of community to actively participate in community activities.
  • It helps to make the peer to peer network stronger.
  • It makes the community members self-sufficient through different tasks and activities.
  • It helps to make a community more autonomous.
  • It greatly influences the growth of the community. 

Yes a lot as people will tend to get more rewards in return than just burning the data out and wasting time and not getting paid after wasting much more time on it.

I have long enough decided not to even be more active on those Facebook, twitter and I based much of my time on steemit and presently now, I haveade much more money on steemit that I am sure I may not be able to make on Facebook or Twitter.