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How do you see cardano as a dapp platform?

Cardano aims to offer human friendly addresses, open Ouroboros delegation, and multisig transactions among other things. This aims for an excellent dapp platform.

Canrdano has two layers. These layers separates the account value ledger and this separation gives more control to the end user in terms of privacy and execution of smart contracts. One is Cardano Settlement Layer which handles value ledger and the other Cardano Computation Layer which handle why of the transactions. 

Cardano relies on Proof-of-Stake but utilizes the Ouroboros algorithm. It works in the following way-

  • Slot leaders verify transactions and create blocks.
  • If the user hold Cardano’s coin, ADA, he can qualify to become a slot leader. It doesn’t matter how much the user owns.
  • To become a slot leader, the “Follow the Satoshi” algorithm needs to select a coin the user owns.
  • The network does all of this manually, so there’s no additional work that the user need to perform.

Caradano utilizes programming languages like -  Haskell and Plutus .