If you have 100 USD and you have to invest in any of the three coins/tokens- steem, pal, leo. Then in which one you will invest or in other words how would you prioritise?

Before you invest on any commodity, you must actually believe in what you are investing on and you must also be ready to bear the risk because things may not go as you expect most especially when it comes to crypto investment.

Steem, Pal and Leo tokens are actually a very good tokens with bright future even though the crypto market isn't really favorable for now. As for me, if I have 100USD or even more than that I will prioritize investing on steem. We all know that #palnet was also developed by Steemians in which user can earn both steem and #pal tokens when they make use of the Palnet tag on their steemit post.

I can also decide to invest 50% in steem and divide the remaining half in both Palnet and Leo. There are actually lot of negative comments about the unfavorable price of steem for now but I will never allow those words discourage my perception towards #steem because I strongly believe in steem and I hope a day will come when every steem investors and steem earners will surely smile happily.

In conclusion, I will actually invest more on steem than any other tokens.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


You must understand first what STEEM, PAL, LEO, etc fundamentally are. STEEM is the native token in the Steem ecosystem where as PAL & LEO are second layer economy within the Steem ecosystem. So as EOS and ETH have their own second layer economy, STEEM is also developing its second layer economy. 

If you would have given options out of STEEM then I I would have chosen a better crypto asset to be honest, but as you have given an option to choose in between STEEM, PAL & LEO then I will definitely choose STEEM first, not because it is the native token or it is the primary economy in this ecosystem, rather because it is below 0.3 usd at the moment and my strategic investment will be to buy STEEM anywhere below 0.3 usd. If it will be at a value of 1 usd and you will ask me to choose, then I would prefer PAL or LEO depending upon their price and history. So the timing is important for me.

In a side chain economy, the price action is mainly confined to the investors within an ecosystem by large. I am not saying outsiders does not come & invest but the prevalence is mostly within the ecosystem. So if there is a good coin with very strong fundamentals then at a time when the primary coin is in bear phase, people prefer to swap their coin for the good secondary asset. But that is also their strategy and when things improve they again switch to primary coin. I can see that PAL & LEO are really doing well at the moment and also have good potential. But I will caution, not to underestimate STEEM. In my opinion, STEEM is still the king within Steem ecosystem. When STEEM price will rise, then the value of these coins in STEEM may be decreased in STEEM value, however their USD value may remain intact. That is what I have seen mostly in EOS and ETH ecosystem. So that may also apply in Steem ecosystem.


would buy epic token, they payout good for just holding the tokens.


If I need to choose between the three coins that you have mentioned, I would choose Steem. Then will use that to power up.

If I could buy other coins than the three mentioned coins, I would like to buy some Tron and BTT coins. Hodling Tron coins can give you some BTT through its monthly airdrop. So, I would buy more Tron coins compared to BTT coins.