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Musing is going to complete one year very soon, how will u take if musing will surprise with some special reward to all active musers?

Firstly, I extend my gratification to my fellow consistent musers such as @niel96, @luueetang, @sapwood, @francistagbo and other consistent musing users for their great hope and hard work on the platform. I also use this medium to thank @musing team for their support and hard work for bringing musing this far without making us loose hope on the platform after some bad experience that occurred. I thank everybody on the steem blockchain including the delegators and others.

We all know that musing has been in existence on the steem blockchain since last year and the platform has been widely utilized by lots of Steemit users when it comes to asking questions and providing answers on the steem blockchain. This implies that very soon, musing will actually clock a year on the steem blockchain.

There is nothing bad in celebrating one year anniversary if musing team will organize it because it can also lead to more development of the platform by making it trend all over the Steemit community. This celebration can make other Steemians know about musing such that they will want to be part of the platform and we can also have huge numbers of investors on the steem blockchain. I actually hope we celebrate a great platform like musing because it actually deserves to be celebrated.

In conclusion, it actually depends on the perspective of the team involved.. If they really plan to celebrate musing one year anniversary, it will actually be fun for all musers. I suggest you can meet with them on discod and discuss with the team if you really want this to happen.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.