What role artificial intelligence can play in fighting complex diseases like cancer?

In the health sector, cancer is a very complex diesease and it has a physical and psychological effect on health. So it is a very tough and complex diesease to fight. Complex diseases, like cancer, often require effective drug combinations to make any significant therapeutic impact. As the drugs in these combination therapies become increasingly specific to molecular targets, designing effective drug combinations as well as choosing the right drug combination for the right patient becomes more difficult.

Now with artificial intelligence, personalized medicine can be developed. So customization of medicine and therapy can be made possible with artificial intelligence. With the ability to efficiently analyze small datasets that focus on the specific disease of interest, Quadratic Phenotypic Optimization Platform and other small dataset-based AI platforms can rationally design optimal drug combinations that are effective and based on real experimental data and not mechanistic assumptions or predictive modelling. Further, because of the efficiency of the platform, Quadratic Phenotypic Optimization Platform can also be applied towards precious patient samples to help optimize and personalize combination therapy.

Therefore best drug combination for complex dieseases like cancer(which has been a challenging thing until now) can be made possible with artificial intelligence and Quadratic Phenotypic Optimization Platform. This will also result in achieving effective therapy to complex diesease like cancer and from case to case basis it can be customized.


Photodynamic therapy via  "lab on a chip" applications.