Who is your favourite musican in history?
History meaning those not in popular culture and (presumably) has passed?

I'd say Miles Davis. Dude is jazz legend that i still love to and listens to on Spotify even today.
1. Tupac Shakur he is the greatest and he is the realest. They said he is no feminist that's he made the song "Keep Ya Head Up" my favorite song of him. His flow can change your mood in any given time and day. From bad to good.

Eazy - E
Ice Cube
Big - L
Biggie Smalls
Ice - T
Too Short
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My favorite musician is Beyoncé. I mean, just look back at her life. She is a really famous, respected, and popular singer, a proud mom, a loving and forgiving wife, and one of the biggest voice of the feminists.
She always tried to make her fans and family happy, she taught us life lessons about equality, respect and love.
I was always inspired by her, loved her music and liked her as a person she is.

My other favorite musician is Nicky Minaj, just like Beyoncé, she always considered her fans as the most important things.
She helped many many people to make their dreams come true, she always gave the fans hope and love.
Although she had " fights" with other musicians and artists, she never lost her mind to argue with them. She made a stand with the words of truth, not by bullying or lying.
I am and I always be the true fan of these 2 amazing women

Michael Jackson is the best musician of all time.
He was a wonder, a god.
Too bad he's gone now
I still celebrate him
Freddy Mercury, for sure! :)