Is binary option trading a good business to do?

It is a very good business for the brokers selling binary options but very bad business for the players. Trading binary options is just the same as normal gambling. In the long term if you play enough you will lose your money because the odds are stacked against you! Let me explain you why:

The chance of winning with binary options is about 50%. Because it's pure luck, there is no skill involved. They usually pay you out 95% of your investment when you win. That means if you would for instance put in 100 dollar every time. Half of the time you will win 95 dollar and half of the time you will lose 100 dollar. Because the change of winning is 50/50 and the risk/reward is 100/95. This is why the odd's are stacked against you, mathematically the broker selling binary options has an advantage. In the long term the house always wins and the player will lose. 

You can have pure luck and win for instance 2 times in a row. or have some luck and win the first time you play making you a net profit. But if you play long enough there is no possible way you can ever win with binary options. It will definitely cost you money.  This is just pure mathematics.

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Binary option is a very good business and some people make alot of money from the binary trading business though i noticed that many people loose more than they win just like every other binary business

But i believe that if someone have the accurate knowl edge about binary option trading then they will an upperhand to become successul in the business and make as much as you want,the easiest way to learn about binary option trading Will depend on what you want to trade on,

But no matter what you want to trade on you just have to seek the knowledge first before starting the business so that you will not loose your investment on the business

Binary option trading is a kind of business that i always find interesting because of the way the

business is structured,i love the binary option trading also because it is profitable the risks in it can be managed in a proper way,i also love the business because when someone is good at

managing the risks then the person would find it easy to be earning cool amount of money right from their mobile phone or laptop...binary option trading is also a fast way of getting alot of returns on an investment invested into the binary market
Binary option trading is a new business which i discovered some few months ago,though when i

made a research about it i found out that the business has been in existence for more than ten

years,where was i all these while??lol...anyways i have found the business to be a good business if

someone finds the right knowledge about binary options and how to trade it successfully,i am still

learning the business and for now i can see that there are alot of potentials in the business

There are a lot of comments about it online. Particularly some binary option trading platform where they say they got scammed and all that. If it has a lot of complaints against it then perhaps it's not a good thing to get into. 

I attended a local basic info seminar on it and they charge a lot for teaching how to trade well using binary options. I actually had no idea it's what I kept seeing online. Lol. I'm still thinking about if I should join it or not. So far I'm still unsure.