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How many hours per day you're spending in social media sites?


I spend almost the whole day on social media. 

I'm an introvert and so most of my life is on social media. Infact, all my friends come from there.

I hardly have any friend who isn't from the social media space. When I'm not eating or sleeping, I'm on social media sites. There's just a lot of them, Facebook, Steemit, Instagram, Discord etc.

I cannot categorically calculate the number of hours I spend on social media but I sure do spend a lot of time.


Including the Steem platform, I say a good 3-4 hours! 

There are only 2 platforms that I regularly visit aside from Steem: Facebook and Reddit. I visit these sites late at night before I go to bed.

According to my Facebook analytics for this week, my average time per day for this week is only at 53 minutes. Mostly just me catching up what my irl friends are up to. I suspect my average time spent on Reddit is also the same. 

For the Steem platform, that would be another 1-2 hours. I normally spend only 30 minutes in creating my daily blog post on Steem and a good 90-100 minutes here in Musing. 

I'm a somewhat 'systematic' kind of person who tries to do all things in a timely manner. :)


To be truthful with you, social media consumes more part of my life than I can account for. It's not just about the actions I take but simply that it's in my face from the moment I turn on my data.

There's hardly any day I don't come online. I'm there every now and then and it's becoming increasingly difficult to do without a bit of social media every hour. It's not overly a good thing as there are the negative aspects like the images they promote. Yet, it's not completely bad. The bulk of the money that comes into my account everyday comes from my activities on social media. The issue is being able to create a lasting balance between the offline and the internet.

There are sometimes social media sites I frequented in the past that are becoming obsolete thanks to Steemit. One of such is Facebook. Going back there from time to time, I realize that it was foolish to have based my life on the something so unreal. People paste fake lives and give false impressions and a lot of us used to buy into the crap. Well, most of that has changed now.


I spend very little time on social media compared to others i know, imo. All my social media time goes into steemit and related dapps. so i spend may be 30 minutes on musing, 60 minutes on steemhunt, 5 minutes on actifit and may be 30 minutes on whatsapp. So, all in all, close to 2 hours or less everyday. If you consider YouTube as part of social media then i consume a lot of information from there and that will be another 2 hours. and I am not being conservative at all, this is surely the upper limit. 

I spend time on social media sites to earn tokens and to be an active member of the communities. I believe in the long term potential of these sites and want to increase my stake as much as i can.


I checked my Instagram, there is this analytic of the total time spend per day on it, and i have seen mine is around 10 minutes a day in total, I don't know is that good or bad. Actually I spend a lot less on Facebook or Instagram and these apps have become part of my life. Sometimes , I just get to Facebook to see how my friends are doing nowadays. I also check IG as it post photos. I check IG more than Facebook because in Facebook there are lots of adverts and irrelevant things and you need to keep scrolling to find the post you want to check out. You can't use Facebook with one hand. 

I spend about 2 hours or at least an hour on Steemit and Musing as these are my new social media. I read the latest feeds, upvote the different post and check out the things that others have to say about that's related to blockchain. It's quite rewarding too. I am a geek and I love to see my stats increase. It's like playing a video game and seeing levels go up. 

Luckily because of social media, my life has become less boring when I wait and queue up. I usually spend around maybe 2.5 hours on social media nowadays. If it is just on Facebook or even IG, then it would be less than 10 minutes in total a day. I think after a year of writing here on musing, which is around next year of october, my writing skills have sharpened to the blade shines. I think it is also essential to check out the latest happenings around town and latest fastest news so we won't be left out. however, we have to just do it in moderation. 


 I spend most of my time on social media for chatting and working on social media. I have to count the hours but I think 10 hours I spent daily on steemit and other social media site. I love to spend time here.

Because there is a lot of my friend from social media and I like to give company to my friends. I am using my horse on social media because I'm earning & something learning here. Most of the peoples are using social for just wasting time but I they should spend time in the other way that gives us benefit.  


I spend close to 7hrs on social media. It's easiest platform I use to make new friends. It's not really going out to make friends like that, but it's easy to do that on social media.

When am not online, is when am tired of fiddling the phone or my phone battery is getting low.

And i also spend time on social media, just to get first hand information, this is because most of friends on social media are journalists.