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Have you ever made a decision that changed your entire life?

 Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I may be making one of those decisions by answering this question! :)

It may sound as an exaggeration, but I think that life-changing decisions are not only those we associate with choosing a profession, a spouse or a religion. We may be making those kinds of decisions only by choosing to get up and go out one day. 

When we look in retrospect at some both tragic and extremely happy moments we may trace down the origin or cause of the event in a simple decision. Whenever someone dies in an accident, for instance, or victim of a crime, we can bet our heads that that might have been prevented if only… that person had not answered the phone, turned back, taken that bus, stopped for food, walked home…

The same exercise can be done with happy outcomes. Sometimes getting the job of our lives, the scholarship we dreamed about, or meeting our life partners depends on simple decisions such as going to a party, asking the right question, knocking at a door (against others’ warning not to do so), or accepting to teach a given class.

Of course we tend to measure transformative decisions based on more noticeable results, especially if they involved a change of attitude or lifestyle. Getting drunk in college made me, for instance, decide that I would not become a drinker and I would avoid alcohol as much as I could. That decision, to avoid the painful and embarrassing hangovers, along with the embarrassment of typical drunkards screw-ups, might have caused me to lose job opportunities and other thing, but I have to learn to live with that decision and accept the resulting outcome as the intended and desired one.

Checking our partner’s cell phone may be the only thing needed to start a series of unfortunate event that will lead to one becoming a divorcee and havingto learn to live away from one’s children. Thus, I think that we make life-changing decisions every second of our lives.


Yes. I made the decision of going close to God and it has changed my live entirely. Since I made that decision, I haven't regret making that decision as everything have been working out for good for me and there is always a joy that is beyond description.

So I will say the best decision I have ever made that have changed my life for good is moving close to God.



Yes, and the decisions that I made changed my future.For this crucial decision, I have to give credit to my principal who has given me brilliant enlightenment at that time.

This began when we finished high school in 2000. I and my gang friends in the "Bombastis Milinium" group went together to the provincial capital to continue studies at a famous University in Aceh.At that time my friends and I lived in a rented house.We who have 12 people often party and suck marijuana in the house.At that time the selection process was still at one of the universities in Aceh.And we register in the same department so that we are inseparable from one another.Our gang is quite famous when I was in school.The forces above us and below us are very respectful of our actions.

At one time, we returned to our hometown together to collect a certificate (diploma) from our school.At that time we came together to school and almost made a scene at school.In an unforgettable moment for me, I was prevented by the principal from entering his office.I was alone in his office.I assume that I was prevented because of the commotion that almost happened to my friends.

But my guess is wrong. I was advised by the principal so that later in college in the provincial capital should not rent a house together with my gang friends, and I was also advised to take majors in different faculties from my friends. These suggestions made it difficult for me to sleep at night. I always remember his advice. Finally, I resolutely decided to follow the advice of the principal.

Finally, I achieved success quickly. When I got a job and enjoyed the results of my hard work. My friends are still struggling with lectures, and some have dropped out because of narcotics. Some of my friends have moved majors in different faculties three times to avoid being disrespected from the University.

That's the greatest decision I've ever had for what changed my life.

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Every decision we make throughout the day is changing the course of our lives. Constantly. Sometimes these are decisions which will cause small or minor changes hardly noticeable and on other occasions these are decisions which cause significant changes.


Yes and that will be one of the most important decisions I've ever made. It was when I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour and became a born again Christian. It changed my entire life and my life has not been thesame ever since.