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Do you think steemit will fail or close?
It is becoming easier to get steem and sbd, with sites like musing.io with the exit of several social networks that pay you to create content and do not need to have many followers. As weku webtallk pivot gese minds and like 100 more. These are becoming popular and at the end of the hadfork I have seen many new ones withdraw from steemit as they can not make more than 2 publications per day until downloading their RC

For the sake of clarity I'm gonna differentiate first what Steemit and Steem is all about as they are completely different. Steemit.com is just one of the many front-ends built on top of the Steem blockchain. Musing, Dtube, Steepshot are other front-ends focusing only on one or more specific model (QnA for Musing, Videos for Dtube and Images for Steepshot).

Now I'm probably in the minority here but I really think that the blogging social media platform Steemit.com will likely lose many users in the years to come. Not generally fail but will probably lose most of its user base.

While Steemit is definitely the most popular of all Steem front ends (mostly because it's the first platform built on top of Steem), people are just not into blogging and writing long articles or informal text style blog posts. People just want to share things with ease just like how everyone is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Like if one sees a cute cat, they will take a picture of it and upload it, no need to add a 200 word text as to why they are sharing it. One word EASE!

That is why Steemit's users will most likely go to other Steem platforms like DTube (the Youtube of Steem), Steepshot (Instagram of Steem) and Musing (the Quora of Steem) because those platforms are built for those purposes, not at all for blogging.

As to your another question, NO! Even if it looks like it is easier for people to earn money in here, the global reward pool is still 'mostly' fixed. From what I understood, a percentage of the Steem mined by the witnesses goes to the reward pool and is to be shared by all content creators.

Right now there are only 938,346 liquid Steem to be distributed. Since there are only around 50,000 active accounts daily on Steem competing for this, everyone gets a bigger piece of the pie. The more people active on the platform, the less Steem we all receive. But the more quality people on the platform, the more Steem's price will be worth on the market so it still is a win. :)

So yeah! As long as people still believe on what Steem can do and the market sees value on it, then bankruptcy is very unlikely.


No I don't i think it is going to be one of the main internet sites in the world in the next few years.

With all the Dapps  taking value from Steem the sky is the limit. I can see the Steem block chain being full of all different sites offering everyone something. The whole family will be using steem in one way or another.

Gaming.live streaming,musing,blogging the list is endless and god knows what will be added next. I can see all the other blogging sites that popped up folding and losing everyone that was on here to come back.

The SMT's will start launching in March and there are exciting times ahead for everyone who is already on here.


Ok I don't think steemit will fail or close for any reason. Steemit is just getting started and just look at how much traction the site has already and it's ace in the whole which is the SMTs hasn't even been launched yet.

Have you taken a look at the number of Dapps that are available on the steem Blockchain?? Everything from dtube to musing and all the others are so good that they could even give sites like YouTube and Quora a run for their money.

The world is gradually moving to the blockchain and seeing how accommodative the steem Blockchain is I'm pretty sure when the SMTs are released the whole world will want a piece of steemit. These new sites like weku and the others are simply just imitations of the real thing and although they're on the right track, they still have a long way to go.

Steemit isn't going anywhere except for to the moon!!!!


For the sake of words lets say even if Steemit goes down, there will be Steem dapps. and Steem will be running on the track and we will seeing some major run as we speak.

Like Musing many are rushing into it and yes it is getting hard for the new users but in the long run it sure is helpful and by gaining SP they can do their usual work in here and if not then there are ways like Musing, Steemhunt. 

The hardfork brought quite some unfortunate things but it was to be done for the launch of SMT and those will change the course of Steem.


To be honest I think that Steemit (the website) might fail if they don't make some radical changes - there are so many better alternatives that incentivise their users to use the plaform - e.g. Partiko and Busy. Steemit hasn't made any major changes or introduced any incentives for using their platform in the 8 months I have been on Steem.

Luckily Steemit has the 'first mover advantage' - they were the first blogging site on Steem and often what people use first. So they have some time to make changes and survive, but in a year or two I can see Steemit becoming irrelevant and maybe not even surviving.

Even if Steemit does fail, the Steem blockchain is stronger than ever with so many great dapps coming out that I dont think it would be the worst thing in the world to see it fail.


It is hard to tell If steemit will fail. It is basically the first of its kind so it has potential to be great BUT after this latest hardfork it is driving away new users because it costs to interact. New people do not and will not like that. They do not want to be limited on how much they can interact and they will be very skidish about putting in fiat $$$


I don't think steemit will ever close and as for fail, it depends on how you define that condition.

As long as there are a few users here, using the platform is it a fail?

Is failure solely denoted by price of steem or its acceptance on exchanges?

There are tons of failed coins out there that still have a fanatical group of supporters who will swear the coin hasn't failed, it's just recovering at the moment.


I think it will keep on for a while. It may get discontinued if Ned goes with his vision of going to the Destiny platform. I believe that even in this bear market steem is still mkaing money for Ned and he is making money by delegating to the bid bots so he hs no reason to stop making money off of steemit.