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Why do marriages last less and less?

Because either side is not willing to give up their ego and either side have huge expectation from the other side, so there is moral conflict which keeps on building up for some time and a stage generally comes when it becomes a compulsion for the either side to end the marriage.

You make someone the better half of your life, that means you are integrating someone in your life and that integration is not just only physical but also with immense emotions and soulful attachment. Then why does it fail despite of such high level of integration? 

In a relationship particularly marriage it is essential to know the art of giving and giving with out expectation and when you take that initiative and start living with this legacy then it will have a deep rooted impact on the other side also and at some point of time you will definitely see the reflection and one day your spouse will also carry that legacy and at that stage both of you will be feeling close to each other completely and your marriage will start feeling like a blissful life.

Making a long lasting relationship is really a tough task these days but fundamentally it is not that tough, just think about your parents how they carried their marriage for such a long time and how you are happy about it, just remember that in order to make a relationship/marriage last longer you need to give up your own desires and you should start living on the desire of your family rather, so when your local desire(personal) will become global desire(desire of family or your marriage), then it will make the foundation of your marriage stronger.

If there is a dispute or a major conflict between husband and wife, then one should not get carried with the momentum of the conflict rather take the passive route and bide your time to settle it out, otherwise at times it really ends up in huge consequences and the situation will worsen further. So it is better not to be compulsive neither to be impulsive in marriage otherwise it will end up with a bitter taste and that is what happening in our modern societies, the rate divorce is really rising and it is a matter of concern, because it is not a matter of concern between husband and wife only, but it is also a matter of concern for the kids also and their future.

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Because people are realizing they don't have to settle. Unlike in my grandmother's era where if you married someone and they turned out to be abusive or a jerk or whatever it was expected you'd stay with them (women were often pariahs if they divorced their husbands and men were considered weak and unmanly for divorcing their wives) our generation is realizing that divorce is an option and people can stop being married and go their separate ways without one side being viewed in terrible light unless they are abusive or doing something else that is driving the divorce.

In that term, I also find from talking to people that marriage holds less and less sway in people's lives. A lot of friends in my generation or lower are married simply because of the tax benefits, spousal sharing of large things like cars, housing and health insurance, and helping out in case one dies. Especially in terms where one or both parties can't trust their family to respect their wishes if they pass but they know they can trust a friend.

But personally I think it's because of the first bit. My grandfather was a racist asshole who beat my grandmother and his children, my mom included, but if my grandmother had left him she would have lost custody of the children and been an outcast in terms of her family and the community she lived in. A man does that today and the partner at least usually knows they have the option and there is a lot more in terms of help.

For example, did you know it wasn't until 1993 that marital rape was illegal in all 50 states? That's within my lifetime. Up until I was 3 years old there were places in the US where if a man and a woman were married it was considered legal for one to impose sex upon the other in a way that would be called rape if they weren't married but wasn't simply because they were. And that's just a start, honestly, marriage up until the early 90's was not at all what it is today and it's a sign we're advancing as a society that people are realizing they don't have to be tied to one person forever if they don't want to be for any reason.


many years ago, people did not have thousands of people to turn too when their relationships got hard. after an argument, they couldn't just pick up their phone and swipe right, to find  someone around the corner who can supposedly give them what theynare looking for. 

Looking through social medias , we see pictures of seemingly perfect couples, cute photos, anniversaries and all these lovey dovey things that portray other people as being in perfect relationships, What we don't see are the realities, the arguments, the fights and difficulties that all relationships have. Our perceptions change and we start comparing our relationships to a false standard (based on social medias). This will result to UNMET expectations  Because what you expect is not what you will get and that will result to frustration. At the end of the day, people choose to leave good relationships for fairly tale relationships that do not exist. Perfect has became normal, and good is easily disposable. 

a while ago, when people faced problems in relationships, they chose to communicate and fix things, but today, due to false expectations, when problems arises in a relationships, people tend to assume that they are with the wrong person, blame the person for not meeting their FALSE expectations and throw away the good relationship, instead of fixing it. People have forgotten the concept of working hard to maintain and keep that, which is good, marriages are taken for granted

Many relationships have been created for the wrong reasons. Society has made us believe that we must to achieve things in a specific Timeline, e.g you must be married by 30, and must have kids by so and so age, this has made people end up in relationships, not because they are compatible, but because society has told them that they should be.  They end up settling for anything, just to  belong, and say that they also have achieved something, as per society standards. 


We don't make em like the old times anymore , everything is made in china.

On a serious note , women now have more financial freedom so they can decide to pursue the path which they think would most happiness for them. 

Keep in mind , up until 1970s women were not even allowed to have credit cards so there were a lot of hostage situations masked as marriages. I think that is the biggest factor in rising divorce rate , everyone (almost) is allowed to exercise their free will.

of-course there are other factors as pointed out by others but in my view above is the main reason.


I believe in today's world, human beings are obsessed with things that yield "instant gratification" .

This instant gratification, which is amplified by social media, creates social impacts that we do not fully understand yet, given the fact that this technology is so new.

To someone who adheres to more old fashion values, I see more bad that comes from this new societal phenomenon, and I believe failed marriage is only one facet of the social impacts.

It's hard to predict the gravity of the effects on new generations. Only time will tell, and I do believe this is something important to focus on. We are a social creature, and social networking on computers and gadgets is not something natural to us. This should be in the forefront of our thoughts when moving forward with this technology, in my opinion.


There are fewer and fewer external reasons to remain in a bad marriage than ever before. Marriage used to be much more of a lifetime commitment no matter what in past decades than now. That's because everybody was much poorer back then. Social attitudes reflect realities like education and wealth, although with a delay. A divorced single custodian mother is in less trouble now than four decades ago. The change in attitudes reflects that.


 If you ask me, then i would say, many just don't have a clue what a marriage is. And there for don't know how to sustain a marriage. While when two souls bind on spiritual level, then they will never be apart.

But almost nobody does that nowadays, people either married out of culture, tradition, lust, money or what they see as love, and then try to stay together and hope for the best.

Then children comes along and they are stuck in the middle, while it would be different when both partners first search for enlightenment, to find themselves or their own soul, and then find someone else who did the same thing, or two open minded people should be willing to help each other finding their souls, and then bind them with each other., what might take years!

That is almost not happening because the majority of the people are more busy with making money, or with traditions, or lead them self by lust and are not busy with the true essence of marriage. What is combining two souls into one.

That is our heritage from the past, which is a Roman ritual to create couples for reproduction, and without the true knowledge of the essence of a marriage, are those ritual's nothing more than a empty shell, what is doomed to fail. 


It is as a result of several factors namely

1.marriages are no longer for better or worse rather at the first sign of trouble they look for the exit.

2.People go into marriage for the wrong reasons

3. Husbands and wifes are consumed by work,leaving less and less time for their partners which slowly kills intimacy between the two and opens the door to affairs outside marriage when the affair is discovered it almost always leads to divorce.

4.Society has made divorce seem cool as there is always one celebrity couple in the news filing for divorce.

6.Family history of divorce can also play a major role.

7.Abusive relationships can also lead to divorce.


Though am not married but I have noticed some number of factors that makes marriage to break up easily, not because the love wasn't there but because they stated on a wrong foundation. One of the foundations is **pretend** . Each partner try to hold on to an image of being good in every aspect without showing their negative part. So when any of the partner start to notice a different attitude in marriage, she concludes her husband has changed, not knowing , he really didn't change , she only wasn't aware of the it before now.

The second is maturity, as a mature man or woman, there are many things they forgo just to keep the happiness but most times either one of them is mature or the both aren't and this brings in quarrel over little issues they could have easily settled .

Lacking understanding of their partner is another point. Most times people begin to know more about who they are married to only in marriage and not during friendship, in courtship men and women go to full length enjoying the fun of the moment without studying who really they are about to get married to.

Finally, lack of compromising. This had caused my Tiff between couples, because no one give up his right for another and this lead to a negative interpretation of the course



Actually divorce rate has gone down between 2008 and 2018. So, contrary to what you assumed, marriages actually last more and more.


John Gottman is a psychologist doctor who asked himself something similar, he set up an experiment that lasted 32 years. I study more than 3000 couples of all types, the study showed a 90% prediction of whether a couple was going to continue together or not, and an 85% prediction of when they would be separated.

Among what Gottman found was in 4 negative things that are the most predictive of divorce in marriages and 3 principles that he divides into 7 that are the principles of what he calls the teachers of relationships because all couples who follow these principles were kept together in healthy relationships.

Real examples

Because divorce already exists

Excess of expectations (my sister told her that she fell in love with the green eyes of their partners, she answered that she had never had boyfriends with green eyes, but now that she said it, it would be wonderful if they had green eyes. he never understood that he did not understand)

Lack of communication. Marriage does not bring telepathic powers;)

Believe that love is just a feeling, that's how it starts, but it does not always feel love, sometimes it falls and we fall terrible to our partner. There you have to balance the relationship and the commitment to avoid flying from relationship to relationship.