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Why is a person considered intelligent?

1. Nice to raise concerning varied Things

There ar such a lot of those who have extensive interest to raise, even this has typically been seen since they were youngsters. such a lot of queries ar typically asked, starting from straightforward, difficult, or perhaps typically irritating hearts. It does not matter if this happens solely often, however normally these queries are going to be ejected anytime and anyplace.

2. will Receive and acknowledge Your Own Mistakes

The sensible ones aren't continuously stubborn and need to win on their own. however sensible folks even have a high sense of responsibility, even for his or her own mistakes.

They will suppose and take a look at to comprehend what is going on and practiced, before finally acceptive and acknowledging the mistakes they need created. this is often a variety of answerability that nobody can have.

3. Have a decent Art style

Not continuously sensible folks can solely alter arithmetic and logic, as a result of essentially sensible folks even have sensible skills within the arts. they're able to describe {the varied|the varied|the assorted} imaginations they need into various kinds of design, as well as within the field of music and alternative ability that need special understanding.

This is a variety of advanced thinking skills, as a result of not everybody will feel and luxuriate in art itself, even taking part in it.

4. Balanced Emotional Intelligence

To complete sensible thinking skills, one should actually have balanced emotional intelligence. Not excessive and not lacking. this can facilitate the person to be able to additional simply manage and management the emotions contained at intervals him, in order that all the talents contained at intervals him may be channeled properly and befittingly.

5. Like Thinking and Doing one thing with most

Disturbed by things that ar stuck within the mind, need to create one thing that's ne'er finished, or perhaps cannot be closed simply because it hasn't finished a job? Things like this ar typically the rationale sensible folks sit up late, even if they'll really have sex future day.

1 Comment

Being smart is being an interesting person. It's not something that person is announcing so everyone knows. Rather, that person is who he is and many realize that he is different, that his way of thinking is more elaborate, that he connects things that others do not, that when he does some things, he does them with some ease, finding the solution of a creative way, or by their practical way of solving them. Even, most likely, that person does not consider themselves intelligent, and instead, have great admiration for other people that he or she does consider them really intelligent.

There can be several things:

You tell him about a problem and he proposes an effective solution

 is curious and likes to learn

is imaginative and knows how to turn it into practical ideas

 has an ear able to recognize and remember various styles of music. can go as far as being able to reproduce the melody after one listened.

has a good memory that he uses in his day to day

 knows himself well

Knows how to "read" and interpret people 

When you read a book, an article or an answer, you can recognize humor, a moral, causes and effects

If you ask a logical-mathematical question, you can reason the solution

is agile and responsive to what happens around the person

You can visualize ideas, architectures, the future

Is aware of nature

 knows how to treat people indistinctly of his own personality

And many more ways to recognize an intelligent person.

I hope my answer will serve you