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What do you admire most about your parents?

Particularly about my Dad who died earlier this year.

My Dad was a kind and generous person who was humble and always had time for others. 

He always listened and was supportive in everything I wanted to do, but always told me if he thought it was a good idea or bad. He never pulled his punches in also giving his opinion! Whichever route I took, even if he didnt agree with it, he was there for me with advice and help.

He also involved himself a lot with a local hospice and spent the majority of his retirement until he died devoted to them. Always collecting stuff, organising the fundraisers and even at 80, out there helping to set up stalls at whatever event they were attending.

He had worked hard at his chosen career all his life and didn't slow down, even perhaps worked harder when he was doing things he loved for his hospice he cared about so deeply. Whatever he attempted, he simply never gave up until it was achieved.

I never heard anyone say a bad thing about my Dad when he was alive, people always used superatives when they talked to me about him, especially when it came to his thoughtfulness which is probably the quality I admired the most. He had such a deep empathy and always knew how people felt and what he could do to help, he always told me that it was the small things, done with sincerity and care which mattered the most to people.

I was most proud of him in the last few days of his life.,The cancer he'd had for 8 years suddenly got the better of him and he was taken to the hospice where he had given so much of his time and so many people loved him. It was a plan he had always had organised since he had first been diagnosed as terminal 7 years earlier. 

Visitors were never ending and the sense of loss and sadness I could see being displayed and felt by people that I didn't know was incredible to behold.

As he lay dying, he was still giving instructions to us on what to do and to my Mum, and upon his death, Mum opened a letter he'd written on scrap paper years earlier listing things that needed to be done and making arrangements for his funeral and the mountains of things that need attending to after someone dies so much easier for us to deal with. In his usual organised manner, he had included account numbers and phone numbers.

His funeral was sad but joyous to see how highly regarded he was held by his friends, family and the community, and the church was packed to the rafters but after the funeral the meal was simple, he hated fuss and liked to go about his life in a quiet unassuming manner. If he'd been alive, he would have been embarrassed.

I was and am very proud of my Dad, he taught me so much about humility and humanity, and these are the only two qualities that matter to me.

Thanks Dad


My father died two years ago, but I would have liked to tell him a lot of things. For example, that I always admired the unconditional love he gave us, despite our behaviors and mistakes, he always loved us; his ability to teach by example: he always did what he asked us to do; his dedication to work, his passion to do things and do them well. What a good friend he always was, almost a brother to everyone. The value he gave to his word; he always said: if you promise something, you must keep it, because a person without a word is a person without shame. I will always admire that in spite of his illness he always maintained an optimism and enthusiasm that inspired everyone. that the day he left this life, he did it with a smile and blessing all his children. I never said, "Thank you so much, Dad! 


My folks both needed to work all day and they were both industrial laborers. They had 5 kids and they needed to both work with the end goal to help us. They not even once griped about it or the penances they made to raise a family. Together my folks profited to put nourishment on the table and keep up our home albeit nothing ever intricate. In spite of the fact that we were raised with a solid arrangement of ethics and knowing the distinction between what is correct and what isn't right. We didn't have the most recent and most prominent of anything material. Anyway my folks are praiseworthy for exhibiting diligence and diligent work to their kids. For imparting these priceless ethics into us as they did. For being unassuming and never grumbling on the off chance that they didn't feel well or whatever else. They're likewise outstanding for having the capacity to withstand 5 youngsters in the house, the passing of a multi year old child in a car crash, and everything else that life can sucker punch you with. Much obliged to you mother and father. I adore you. Rest in peace.


My parents have been my role model since I could remember to take notice. They have always been a model when it comes to marriage. The things I see in my family is different from what I see out there with couples having issues nearly every time. I was even in a neighborhood once when the husband and wife were always having quarreling sections and at times, the man would even take his anger out on the wife.

I've never seen my dad raise his hands on my mum and they barely even raise their voices. That's what one thing I like about my parents. There's this understanding between my both parents and its admirable. It's something I want for my family too when I get married.

My mum could be nagging, she does that so very often, but my dad is always calm and it seems he understands her better than the lot of us their children. I can barely stand someone nagging but he just stays there and soaks everything like it's historical favorite meal. He barely gets upset when she is on her nagging run. That's one thing I emulate.

Another thing I like is a fact that they strive to see that everyone's doing well, I mean their kids and relatives.

Not many parents actually think about taking care of their children. Mine are among the few who does care. They are doing all they can to ensure that their offspring become something in life. Some parents are very negligence concerning the future of their kids. They are left to themselves and most times to their own detriment.

My dad especially has sacrificed so much in his own personal life just to see his children become something. It's remarkable and worthy of commendation


I admire the fact that my parents worked very hard to give me what I needed to be a success. Nothing was impossible. They did not have much money and they didn’t live at times . They existed . I really feel for them not being able to enjoy a holiday or anything but my mother always tells me she loved that time because we were kids and she enjoyed us .


My mother loves to sing well. I remember the day when my mother always hears home work while singing, all genres. I heard a lot and hit the subject, it still belongs.

But the thing that I love most in the mother is the virtue, the know-how to know later. One time I asked my mother, "Is there another life?" Mother said: "Yes." After that, our parents are old and die, again in another life. " I said: "Then if there is a future, I still want to be your mother." My mother just laughed. But I really want that. J


 There are some things I admire most about my parents:

1. Their patience

Their  patience in taking care of me (who is actually a pretty naughty  person), without giving a loud shout, or even a blow at all. Instead they always direct me with a smile.

2. Their determination

Although honestly my parents did not come from a capable family, but their determination to be good people I admired very much. They always say, there is no need to do bad things to get rich. Stay good, and feel enough and thankful can guarantee your happiness.

3. Their sense of love

Indeed  there are no parents who will waste their children, but my parents  really became "Superheroes" for me because they are always there when I  really need a place to vent, where stories are, ask for advice.