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Why do people think china will be the next superpower?

China has spent years buying government bonds from the US. China is already a super power. So far it remains outside the grip of corporates who wish only to plunder the resources.

China is part of the reason we have stability in the world through the support they provided to the US by purchasing those bonds. If they decided to cash them in now, it could cripple the US and have an effect on the rest of the world.

What China's goal is I cannot say. But they have placed themselves very well in the global community. The economy in China continues to remain strong due to the investments it made for resources too.

China is already there as a super power. 

Chinese Economy is the second largest economy of the world. The potential to grow due to population and ressources is very high. It has been the fastest growing economy for three decades now.
It is politically ambitious and imperialistic. Parts of the land are still undeveloped while it is already the biggest trading nation and manufacturer of the world.
Chinese military spending is the second highest as well.
Basically, if the USA keeps fucking things up China will replace it as the worlds next superpower without a doubt.

China is already a superpower. Their only real rival is the United States. Maybe Russia but Russia is not what it was 20 years ago. China owns large protions of about everywhere in the world and has a population that is huge in number. On a ground war they would be able to throw wave after wave of bodies at their opponents. They also have nuclear bombs and can launch them form anywhere via submarines. They are also becoming more aggressive in the south china sea building Islands and takeing land from neighboring countries.