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How much can a person earn through blogging?

If you are talking about Steemit blogging 

Than the amount is not really certain. While at start the amount will be not that much but as time approaches and once one get to know the platform pretty well  the amount will start to rise. 

The amount of earning depends on other factors as well :

  • Quality of the content
  • Integrity 
  • Patience 
  • Your social skills of making friends in here (The more one makes friends in here the more visibility the user will get thus more upvote which will result to more income)

Apart from that there are many dapps that will increase the income of a blogger in here as well.

I have seen users to get 10 cents upvote in a post while 1000 USD aas well in a single post.

To be honest going to that level of 1k USD many have misused the system of  Steem Blockchain . While if not that level but a decent income could be gained by blogging in Steemit.