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What do you know about the country called "nigeria"?

Nigeria is a country found in West Africa. The country is heavily populated and the has been estimated to have over 180 million people.

Nigeria is full of industrious and peace loving people. The country plays host to a lot of Nigerians who are industrious and very enterprising. Nigeria have people who are always happy irrespective of the circumstances they are going through. The country for over a decade has been plagued by terrorism and bad leadership which has not helped the country progress and improve its economic situation. However, citizens are unrelenting and they have the 'never dying' spirit.

Nigerians are people that love traveling and can be found in almost every country in the world.

Nigerians like to keep up to trends and they sometimes take it to the extreme. So when the there's a rush of the latest fashion trends, latest accessories and cars you can be sure to find them in Nigeria.

One thing I like about Nigeria is that the people never ever give up. Let the worst of natural disasters happen, let the worst of terrorism take place, you will always find people who are continually striving to ensure that they hit success, although, they sometimes take it to the extreme. This can be seen with the rise of fraudulent activities which has been growing steadily in the country. A lot of youths now engage in internet frauds and that's one of the grey areas.

Apart from that and apart from the fact that the country has bad leadership that keeps on being recycled years after. years, tenure after tenure, the country is very good one and is one of the only countries in the world that have a rich store of natural resources. Virtually every industry exist be found in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a nation of the brave, bold, and beautiful and I'm proud to be a Nigerian.


Well @penauthor has said some things about the country Nigeria. Like he said , Nigeria is a country located in the West of Africa with a population of about 180 million. It is on the gulf of guinea. Nigeria is bound to the West by Benin, in the north by Niger and the east by Chad and cameroon.

Nigerian was colonized by the British empire and in 1914, there was a merging of the southern and northern protectorate making It a country. Nigeria gets its name from the river Niger. In 1960, Nigerians got their indepence and in 1963, Nigeria became a republic and it is called the federal republic of Nigeria. The country exoerienc es it's first civil war between 1967 to 1970 and the first ,military coup de tat in 1966. Nigeria was under the military rule until 1999, when it became a democratic country. The present president of Nigeria is known as president Muhammad Buhari, a one time military president of this country and now a democratic president.

Nigeria is made up of about 250 ethnic groups with three major ethnic groups namely the igbos prevalently found in the east, the yorubas, located in the west and the Hausa located in the north. The major source of income in Nigeria is crude oil as the country is blessed with abundance of this natural resources. Nigerians are great agriculturalists. Nigerians can be found in any part of the world as they known to have great adaptive skills.

Nigerians are very industrious and never fail to make a name wherever they go. They are also great industrialists and entrepreneurs. Nigerians have different delicacies and beautiful culture. The calabar carnival that comes up every December has a rich display of our cultural heritage.

The major natural disaster of Nigeria is to flooding. Although we have a record of few earthquakes , we are not prone to other natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricane etc. There are lots of foreign investors in Nigeria as a result of the favourable economy for them although lately the economy has been shaking but we are hopeful plans are on ground to get it up to invite more investors.

There are lots of tourist centres in Nigeria such as the Obudu cattle ranch, tourist beach, waterfalls , beautiful rocks. Research to find out about the beautiful tourist centres. Nigeria is a beautiful country with beautiful people.


I have seen the other two answers and most likely they are right in what they say. I have only known bad when you mention Nigeria. It is all negative.

Nigeria got a bad name in the 1990's-2000's form the phishing email scams. It was a big thing and was known as the Nigerian scammers. The reality is that is still there in most peoples thoughts. It is always the few that wreck it for everyone else.

Currently i have seen reports of the drug cartels in South Africa and then again Nigerians are bought up.  It didn't help what the rest of the world thought when those 100 young girls were taken by Boka Haram a few years ago and the Government did nothing. That was one situation that should have been sorted immediately.

It is sad that a country gets tainted in that way but that is what is on most peoples lips when you mention Nigeria. Not the beauty of the people or the natural resources the country has to offer.

Nigeria needs to raise their game and bring their name back as it is not highly thought of around the world. They are not alone as South Africa doesn't have a good name either with all the corruption and crime.