Where can I sell my steemit accounts?
I would like to sell some of my steemit accounts. Where can I sell them for bitcoin and what should I charge for each account? I have about 1000 hunt tokens on each account and a rep above 30 on each.

Currently, there is no marketplace or a website where the trade of buying and selling steem account takes place. However, there are some threads on bitcointalk where somebody offered to sell the few accounts as a part of bot network.

I have also seen a few cases where steemians offered to sell their accounts in fiverr.com. Truly speaking (excluding the exceptions of the byteball distribution) there is no reason why somebody will buy the steem account.

It is a simple process though lengthy (now a days their are apps like vessel, which seamlessly open steem account if you have enough steempower in your account) and unless there is a steem power lying in the account it will not command any value.

If that is the case, where you are selling your steemit accounts along with some amount of steem power i would better suggest you to go to marketplaces such as minnowbooster and rent out your steempower for a fee. Atleast you earn some amount of money for a sustainably longer period of time.

The hunt tokens which you feel can be traded have no tradeable value as of now. If the SMTs become reality then probably it will have some value. 

My honest suggestion to you would be post it on steemhunt or steem and ask the buyers to contact you on discord. That would probably solve your issue