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Is there limited number of questions a person should answer on musing in a day?

Absolutely not. If it feels good to sit here answering questions for 18 hours straight, and you have nothing better to do with your time, I wouldn't advise against it. Especially if others here value what you have to say, and feel you add "value" to the platform, in terms of quality Q&A.

Some people definitely limit their questions and answers, and it is very obvious who adheres to these standards, due to transparency, and I think I know why certain individuals practice this. I am not going to sugar coat it one bit!

Some people here try to game musings reward generosity. I cannot express it any other way. Some people spend copious amounts of time to implement "strategy" and "methodology" to exact the most value out of their time, and although there is nothing wrong with this to an extent, it takes away from the more important aspects that will lead a platform such as musing to thrive. 

If you like to study the blockchain, and calculate stats, you will find some interesting patterns with certain individuals here, and they are consistent with these patterns, which tells me one thing. It's all about the money for them. If their target is 10 questions, they will stop at 10 no matter what, even if they see a question that they might be able to provide insight into. Are these the type of individuals we want here? I personally don't, but it's a reality that we all must live with for now.

If these types think musing doesn't know what they are up to, their sadly mistaken, and although some of them may be successful with their system currently, it will only be successful for so long. Eventually, it will prove to be more detrimental to their success


There is no limit,

The is a number somewhere that it does become spam or abuse of the platform. 

Genuine questions should be asked too. not just what is your favourite colour, and why do you like blue pink yellow green. all different questions and repeated with the why do you not like instead. 

When people see those type of questions repeatedly asked by a user, Well I myself to block them so I do not see their questions.

They offer noting of value to another reader and are asked merely to as anything. If the person answering a question feels they are answering a genuine question, they will also put more thought into the answer they give. 

This provides a positive and good atmosphere on the platform, and can result with a follow up answer to any other questions you ask. Good questions and good answers is good networking.


Not really there is no limitations but to take some thoughts in mind could be really wise :

If you answer questions every 5 minutes than the curators who will be watching your answer the 1st thing that will come in their mind is the "Spam" .While you should put some time and effort in your answer as the user who is asking a question needs a solution for that specific thing (We are seeing unnecessary things by the way) so try to put some effort in your answer and allow the user to get benefited from your answer.

Probably half an hour break should be enough to go for the next question and it will be wise to do so as the time and effort you are putting might as well get rewarded which will bring some boost in your work here.

Well the choice is always yours though. There is no boundaries what how many questions you can ask/answer in Musing.io


I don't see a set number and it all depends on how much time you have. i normally spend a couple of hours on here a day. It all depends though. 

I try and average 10 or so answers per day depending on the questions. I have done more but it is very hard to maintain. Quality answers are what get you the rewards and anything less is just not worth it.

Not everyone can answer all the questions correctly so I would ay maximum would most likely be 15 per day. Some questions are just not worth answering.


There is no limit, in musing you can ask and answer as much as you want. However for me if you publish and answer 15-20-30 times a day you will surely create a cumulus of spam that could reduce your chances of visibility since no one has the ability to devise so many original questions or answers daily.

I personally answer between 5-10 questions and ask a maximum of 3 questions a day so I have a good chance of getting some votes without falling into spam.


Why should there be a limit? That would totally take out the fun in it. I understand that each user should have a maximum number of contents that would be voted because of limited resources but would never understand if users are limited to asking/answering a specific maximum per day.

Most of the time, I just come here to have fun while trying my best to add value to the platform through quality questions and answers. Sometimes when I am really in a good mood, I could go on questioning or answering spree without thinking about the rewards while sometimes I just read the answers some users give to some questions. It is a place to learn as much as possible, the rewards aside. 


There is no limit. I usually spend some time in the morning answering questions that I find of interest to me - and that I feel I can add value with.

I think it all comes down to quality - if you are the type of person that can sit for hours and pump out good quality answers that add value to the platform then I think go for it!

I am generally answering about 8 - 10 questions at a time on Musing, and sometimes twice a day, and feel that this is a sufficient number. I could answer more but I find that after about 10 questions my attention starts to waver, and the quality of my answers decreases


No, there's no regulation regarding the number of questions one can answer. You can answer any number of question you want as long as you respect the rules. 

I've seen people coming and going since I'm here on Musing, some people answer just a few questions, others answer more, and there are those who answer many but their answers are very short and sometimes irrelevant. 

This is a community, we have to respect each other and stay focused, not spam and give relevant and accurate answers. If you ask me, not quantity, but quality is that matters. Sometimes I see questions I don't have an answer to and I'd better move on. I don't have a target, I answer as many question I have time for and only if I can give an accurate answer. 


No limits! Just the sky!

You can answer or ask as much questions as you like! The only thing that is important is that you guard a certain level of quality.


The answer is very simple you can ask any question any time If you want there is no limit of question and answer just make a good quality question and answer simple.