As a person, do you feel blockchain and crytocurrency secures the future like our daily professional pay job ?
Is it safe to fully rely on blockchain and crytocurrency?

I don't see a problem with treating it as such. 

It's still early shemzy, very early. If it doesn't change our lives, we still obtained a wealth of knowledge and new skills from our time with blockchain tech. 

I feel in my gut, that it's heading towards mainstream large-scale adoption. 

My reason for feeling this way is simple, and it actually has nothing to do with crypto.

Humanity likes change, and new things. We are a species who have an insatiable appetite for pretty much everything we engage in, and we get bored quickly. This whole concept of monetizing "the mind" will become attractive, I have little doubt. People are going to realize traditional social media is a waste of time, with minimal impact in facilitating positive change in the world, in fact it facilitates the opposite in most areas. We are always looking for next breakthrough. 

We have the emergence of the internet, then we have dot com craze, then comes social media craze. Now it's crypto and blockchain. The problem, is this is the most complicated wave of the internet yet, for people to conceptualize. I am not sure why exactly, but now, we may be moving forward with the right buzz words and concepts to dumb it down a bit for average people to adopt. Smart Media Tokens will start this process of adoption. Most people look at me like I'm mad when I start talking about blockchain tech, when I dumb it down to use words like tokens and coins, all of a sudden light bulbs start flickering in their eye's.

I choose to treat it seriously, as a job, and I am fortunate to be able to do this. Not everyone is this fortunate. I have an inherent moral obligation to treat this like a job, if I want to it to become what my vision is. We are all responsible for creating this vision. It's a collective effort. 

Maybe I will live up to my name, and make a prediction. The future is bright.  😉 


The Block chain is still in its beginning. The uses for it will be used eventually in more and more business and industry. Every industry out there can use a block chain in some way or another. The block chain is a book of records. It records things that happened in a sequence and writes them to a ledger basically, This ledger cannot be changed by any individual if the block chain is decentralized. 

A key to the Block chain working like it is intended is decentralization of the chain. Getting the blockchain to be used for the benefit of those without a powerful voice is a harder thing to do. Those with power now will not want to lose it, and will resist the move to an open record and visibility of their actions. 

Crypto currencies are pretty much in the same boat, It depends on the uses for the Crypto and what services or industries will accept that currency as payment, A method to ensure a person will get the value for the token or currency they trade in will not devalue over a 0 hour period and they are at a loss will need to be found (one method already thought of). as the Crypto industry grows, The amount of block chains will increase into other areas, Both will help and complement each other. More people will gain a greater understanding of what a chain is naturally and information about Crypto will seep through with that,

The same for those who encounter Crypto first, begin to learn about what a block chain is.


I would like to have crypto currencies as the normal currency. I tried to live like that for like 1 hour before I found out all the problems why it can not be.

First we have the size problem. If everybody uses crypto, it will be giant files and it will use a lot of internet data that will put the internet on a lot of strain. Tha can be fixed off course.

Second, the wallet and your password. Lets say that tomorrow everybody uses Steem as cryto. You get paid and you have 10k on your wallet. Now your computer crashes and you loose your password, or your password gets stolen. It's just 1 wallet and now you lost it all. For us it is easy, but most people don't know how to keep a password safe.

Third, adding to the second. You can loose it all real quickly, so having a way for offline keep would be great. We don't have that yet. Well we do, we have ways to move crypto physically, but that is not that ... comfortable.


Absolutely not! I currently make about 15-20 USD per day on Musing. I'd have to make about 5-10 as much to cover all my living expenses. If I were to quit my job and live on Steem income alone, I think I'd have to have enough Steem Power to be able to self-upvote enough to live on the liquid rewards alone and also have about two years' living expenses worth of fiat in the bank to help me get through a bear market if need be. That means my total rewards achievable through self-upvoting would have to be worth 10-20 as much as now. Why through self-upvoting? Because the SP distribution of Steem users is so uneven that most of our rewards are usually from votes given by a few high-SP users. If even one decides not to upvote you any longer, then your income will crash. I don't like the idea of powering down to cover living expenses because there is no telling what will happen to the price of STEEM. So, before being able to self-upvote to the tune of about 150-300 USD per day, a half of which is paid in liquid rewards, I will not quit my job.