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How true is the statement "give a lazy man a difficult task and he will accomplish it in a simple and lazy manner"?

I think Steve Jobs used that saying, or at least, he used the idea behind it.

And yes, it is a truth. I mean, it wasn't a very sportive, energetic guy who liked walking and loved running that invented the bicycle!

It is always better to work smarter than it is to work harder (yes, I know, that's another discussion, ask another question for that ;-) ), so a lazy person is more inclined to work smarter instead of harder, because he is lazy. So he will find ways to do what he needs to do with less effort. Which is how innovation starts.


I think it's pretty true for the most part. The basis of being lazy, suggests that one isn't likely to put effort into anything that they do, so I would expect someone of this nature to accomplish just about any task in a lazy manner. 

There could be exceptions to this, when a person's morals dictate their work ethic. I will use myself for an example. I don't prefer to perform manual labor, because I would rather work intellectually, but because I have a good work ethic, and aim to please in any position I obtain, I will always work hard in a manual labor field if it's what I find myself doing. 

I hope this answer helps. 


I remember a certain anime upon reading this question. It's called "Hyouka". In that anime, the main character named Oreki is an "energy conservative" kind of guy. I wonder if energy conservative is the politically correct term for lazy. 

Anyway, in that anime, he and the other members of his club try to solve various mysteries lurking around their school. So him, being an energy conservative type of dude, usually find really easy ways to solve cases.

I believe it's applicable in real life. If you hate doing tedious tasks, you tend to find easier ways to accomplish it. However, if you're really lazy and just want to lay down the whole time, I doubt you could accomplish anything.

Sometimes, people need some push from others... they need a certain urge or some sense of emergence to really get up and do something. :) But if you're energy conservative just like the character in the anime, you'd really find easier ways to accomplish your goals.. :)


I can't remember where I heard this statement from but definitely, someone's used it to my hearing before.

The thing is that with lazy people, they will want to cut corners because they are do not have the strength to go through the normal process. The job might be done quite alright but the quality may reduce. In a situation where getting the

job done is all that matters, then the lazy man would definitely be the best person to give the job to.

The statement is true. Out of his laziness, he might invent something or a method to bring out a less stressful solutions. It the way most of our inventions came to be.

The wheelbarrow was invented because the maker couldn't just imagine having to carry all the loads every time.

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Maybe, laziness is its father.


I don't think this is quite right, or rather it depends on your definition of "lazy."  A truly lazy person might not finish, or even start that task at all  depending on the motivation given.  

An intelligent person would accomplish it in the simplest way possible with the least amount of energy/time used to gain the best results.

Unless of course the process of completing that task is enjoyable by the person doing it.  

I believe there is a stigma in most of the world that "working" is what makes you a valuable member of society and anyone who doesn't slave away for the almighty dollar all day is "lazy" and does not have value.  This leads to people with different priorities being seen as "lazy" so that the rest don't feel silly about their life choices.  (gotta get that money to get that tv and sweet ride and go to the bar and have fancy vacations and buy new clothes and a nice couch to watch my sweet tv on)