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What are the kind of people that will never succeed in life?

This is a very interesting question I must say.

There are things you have to do and put in place if you want to become successful and also there are things that some people do that shows that they can't be successful.

A man without a vision and purpose for his life cannot be successful.

You must have a vision,a plan if you want to succeed and people without these criteria can't become successful.

Also lazy people can never become successful, you can't fold your hands doing nothing and expects things to fall in place for you. you must move things forward, keep pushing and don't be lazy.

Laziness is a a gateway to poverty.

The Bible spoke about laziness,

Proverbs 20:13 Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

Proverbs 24:33 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: 24:34 So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.

People who are in these categories can't become successful in life.


your question is very good. in my opinion, there are several criteria for people who have never succeeded in life.

1 someone who likes to cheat

Someone who likes cheats will not succeed in life. whatever profession is run will never succeed. because he won't get the trust of others.

2 don't want to learn

the next criterion is learning. for example, someone who works in a tissue company. the person must learn to recognize the names of tissues, and tissue codes. this is necessary to maintain his job. if he doesn't study, then over time he will be fired. because after a long time he worked he still did not know the names of the tissue.

3 someone who is lazy

lazy is also one of the criteria that will not succeed in life. to achieve success requires craft and enthusiasm. whereas for someone who is lazy, he often wakes up late in the morning. and many other bad things

4 people who have a pessimistic attitude

people who have a pessimistic attitude are people who don't believe in themselves and have despair. I think people like this will not succeed in life.

5 has no planning

Someone who does not have a plan will not succeed in life. to achieve success requires planning.

6 do not want to socialize with other people

to achieve success, relationships with other people are needed.


I think because I don't value time

It seems that everyone knows that time is one of the most valuable things. It was said like that because the past time could not be played back. And this is what is found in many failed people who do not value time.

It could be some time ago there was a chance to come over. However, because of the attitude of those who seem not to appreciate time, the opportunity is lost over time.

Money may be searchable even if it's lost. It is different from the time that cannot be searched and is recovered when it passes. Therefore, from now on, avoid wasting time so there will be no regrets later.


1...One who trusts that achievement is tied in with having money,power and position.You have boarded wrong train man.Success is the point at which you fill a need in life more prominent than yourself 

2-One whose costs are more than his pay 

3-Those who don't trust in Magic.Magic occurs with just the individuals who have confidence in it. 

4-Ones who don't impart information to others,you dont excel by not sharing your knowledge,you just turned out to be more out of date. 

5-Supervisors who neglect to comprehend contrast between driving and regulating. 

6-People who dont acknowledge estimation of time and waste it.Remember there's a platitude 

"Time will pass,will you?" 

7-Guys who misfortune young ladies just to get into their jeans


I believe that the simple fact of living already makes you successful, the rest will be part of your priorities and needs. Good thing we are individual and decentralized beings. Peace.