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What life lessons have you learnt?

So far I've learnt that

1. Betrayal won't come from your enemies

It's true, the one that will betray you is that person you least expect, it can be your best friend or family member but It will never come from your enemy.

2. Pray and Hustle and you'll make it

So many people underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer goes a long way in whatever you do in life and when you add it to your Hustle, there's no stopping you.

3. Success doesn't come overnight

So many people want to be like Bill gates, Christiano Ronaldo, Beyonce or Serena Williams.

But no one want to go through what they went through before fame. Some of these celebrities went through hell before their fame and the traits that they shared is patience and consistence. If you can be patient and and consistent, it's only a matter of time before you achieve success.


Every day, we learn something new. Every experience teaches us something. Life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, but one thing is for sure, life is worth living.

The most important lessons that I learned are:

As long as you're alive, don't give up and keep moving forward.

There are two ways to end life... to die and to give up living. Yes, we experience failure and hardships in life, but they're there for a reason... and it's up to us on how we deal with them.

Love yourself first... and everything else follows.

Loving oneself doesn't mean you're selfish. It's just that, when a person learns to love himself or herself, then it would be easier for him or her to accept the people around him or her. They'll get the confidence to live life and not get affected by the standards that the society is blindly setting.

Believe in your God.

I have a religion, but I'm not religious. I don't go to church that often, but i believe in my God. I don't judge nor hurt other people. I think, religion or belief doesn't matter. You can freely believe who you what you want to believe for as long as you don't push your belief to others. Respect everyone! <3



A standout amongst the most radiant human possibilities is our ability to change. 

Social nervousness is fundamentally Conspiracy Theories about yourself. 

The best things throughout your life doesn't originate from your customary ranges of familiarity. 

......It's not what you experience its how you feel about it. 

........At some point, you'll be only a memory for a few people. Do your best to be a decent one. 

......Few individuals care about you - just spotlight on awing a couple of individuals 

.....Your mother is among the main lady who will love you unequivocally - a tragic truth 

..... Time truly is cash - it isn't only an articulation. In any case, the vast majority sit around idly 

....Effort and reward aren't in every case specifically linked,Especially in the event that you surrender too early 

.......The flawless accomplice doesn't exist ,In this present reality individuals settle constantly 

There are a few signs you have discovered the correct accomplice however not flawless one 

True serenity, bliss and inward concordance is substantially more significant than cash, power and popularity.