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What attitude/quality do you like the most with your partner?

I actually love the below qualities or attitude with my partner as it helps to increase the bond of love between us. These are the below qualities:

TRUST: I love it when my partner trust me in everything i do or  say to her  because it makes me feel i have someone i can truly depend on. Trust is the most fundamental and the basic foundation of every successful relationship because it strengthen the bond of love between husband and wife. 

The rate of break up is increasing today due to the lack of trust between couples who claimed to be in love with each other. This is a different case for me because my partner trusts me and believes anything i tell her.

 COMMITMENT: There are sometimes i may have misunderstanding with my partner but we always end our conflict and stay back together happily because we are just too addicted  to each other. I love her quality of commitment towards me despite the fact that we fight sometimes but she can't just break up with me due to her high level of commitment towards me.

CONTENTMENT: I am not that filthy rich or a millionaire who is capable of buying the whole world for my partner but i am just a young hardworking guy earning little and spending part of my little earnings for my partner. My partner is always contented with what ever i buy for her and she never complains about anything despite how small i spend on her but she keeps encouraging me and keeping me motivated.

 In our world today, we all know that ladies are very much in love with money such that they may fall in love with monkeys provided the monkey is ready to spend huge amount if money on them. My partner is extremely different in this regards and she is always with me at time of difficulty and time of ease which makes her so special to me regarding this quality or attitude of hers.

UNDERSTANDING:  This one of the special quality my partner posses even though she might not know she has this lovely attitude. She understands me anytime i take an action. She always know my reasons for doing things and this is really astonishing to me either because i don't sometimes tell her my reasons for doing some certain things but she already understands what is happening.

SATISFACTION: This is one of  the best quality i love mostly about my partner because she is just ready to satisfy my needs according to her capability. She satisfy me in terms of sex and other things i request from her. This always makes me happy and it keeps me loving her so much.

COOKING: I am just addicted to my partner's delicious meals even though i am lover of food. My partner is always ready to cook anything for me and she sometimes prepare my best food just to make me happy anytime i am depressed or sad. I love eating Fried rice and fried Turkey even though she may like eating Yam and Egg but that does not stop her from cooking my  delicious meal.

DRESSING MANNERISM: She is just so beautiful and modest when it comes to her manner of dressing. Her mode of dressing always turn me on and i am proud to walk with her whenever we go out because her dressing attracts anyone who sees us together and this boost my confidence when walking with her.

HUMBLENESS AND KIND ATTITUDE: Some ladies lack the quality or attitude of humility and kindness towards their partner and this is one of the causes of most break up in relationships. My partner is extremely different regarding this because she is always obedient and humble towards me. 

In conclusion, these are some few qualities i love about my partner and i am very lucky to have someone like my partner because ladies like her are very scarce to get, if you have someone like my partner please hold on to such a person.

Thank you and i hope this helps.

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There are several attitudes your partner would put up, that will make you fall head over heels in love with him/her all over again. Some of the attitude I love most in my partner are:

Calling Attitude: I'm a talkative. Lol. Well, I am more of an introvert so I know how to hide a lot of things to myself but if I get any chance to share them(my little fears, joys or worries) with you, it means a lot to me. My partner has to be my gist partner. Because I will talk to him about any and every thing. He has to be available to call me or pick my call any time of the day. If you have such quality, then we're good to go as partners.

Texting: This is not really a big criteria or quality that I like most but if he possess the ability to text me lovely messages in the morning and at night, he may jus as well keep my heart forever.

Romantic: He must be dead romantic. Lol. This is one quality that I really love. I want a man who is really romantic and can love me romantically. lol. This is one quality I really admire and hope my partner would possess.

Smart: WHen it comes to issues of/with the brain, I don't joke with it. I am sapiosexual and if I see you can't beat me when it comes to smartness, forget ever having a relationship with me. I know I am smart, I have brains and I also have zero tolerance for a dumb guy. If my partner is drop dead smart, oh my gosh, I will protect and hold him tightly.


Your English is unclear...

Do you mean the attitude IN your partner, which THEY possess?

Or which attitude YOU YOURSELF like within YOU that you have WHEN WITH your partner?


A man that will ooze with manliness.

Strong and attractive, yet soft enough to deal with my fragile self.

Funny and playful yet strict enough to put my very sturbon self back in order.

A man who is capable be my friend and at the same time be able to lead and i will gladly follow.

He should be able to command with his mere presence, yet be very approachable at the same time.

A man that i will be able to "bully" and be a wifezila but know where my limits arr. He should be able to keep me in tune with my Wifezilaness, he needs to be able to make me humble without even saying it.

Oh, a man that will go lengths just to make me happy,

He should be able to keep the spart and keep us both on our feet and excited for the future.

A man too strong but gets week with my presence, i should have that power over him.

Lol, i notice i have not answered as your question demanded but rather as i portray him to be in the future, when i find this man,. I know hes out there, somehere .

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Among many things, it's our mutual love for spicy food, dark humor and pursue of knowledge.

I don't see myself investing my time into relationships where I basically need to lead a double life.

Due to this compatibility in some very fundamental aspects of our persons, 

I could basically spend 24/7 with my partner and not be "tired" of their presence, which is a problem in so many relationships.


I guess it's what kind of what you look for when finding someone that you want to spend your whole life with isn't it? That's the partner right, not the business partner isn't it. 

I will answer in finding a spouse. The  great quality is that, if that person has the same interest in some ways as you. Imagine that you like to collect toys, like me, my wife loves to collect toys. We usually see some merchandize that can be from the toys. 

I guess it is also important that there is trust as a quality. It is trust in both parties. You can trust your partner and your partner can trust you and then you can fully do what you are more focused to in your life. This partner can be someone who you can pass your wallet to and you can keep their wallet and all those passwords stuff and won't worry about that. 

The most important one thing is that, the partner allows you to be who you are and accept you for who you are. This is really important so you can just be free to be who you are and never worry about what you are and accept you for everything. This partner will accept you when you fart, poop and do all sorts of strange stuff. Even if your nose hair comes out or you have had a bad hair day. 

It is really important to take some time and not rush into finding a partner. It is important that you take some time to really get to know the person before getting into a serious relationship or something. 


I like the most are:-

  • A tight hug from her.
  • Her dressing sense is simply the best.
  • The way she looks at me.
  • When she tells me to go out for a surprise trip.
  • When she surprises me always on my birthday.

There many others also and those are most special for me, but unfortunately I can not tell all those in a public forum.

Thank you and Have a great day.


In general, I look for respect and understanding in the eyes of a woman and that despite my social status, she perceives a little my nobility of heart.

That she is able to see through my emotional carapace, but also through things of my life that do where I am today.

When I see a woman, beautiful or ugly, big or small, thin or fat, rich or poor; if she turns her head away, makes me a fool or displays a haughty attitude of exclusion while I'm polishing a floor, you can be sure that the prince in me is fighting the fierceness of my rage.

Typically, I hate this social hierarchy that you try to impose on me, in which you would like me to comply.

As a man, I went through many trades, relationships, highs, lows, sacrifices. I lost people I loved, my parents are getting older; and at the same time, I have to be autonomous, to give myself a present here and there (I just offered myself an i5), to be good to oneself, because society is thus made to grind men. That what I am looking for ultimately is simplicity and not a mess of conflicts.

That in such a perspective, the woman who will return to my life and my heart, will be the one who desires true love. And that in my opinion, to be on such a quest, one must have vision.

So in short, have vision, be understanding, desire love.


Life become wonderful if you find partner who understand your problems, sincere and trustworthy. In my opinion these are the things which enhances the trust. Trust is the tonic which is required to spend better life. It helps to enhance the love