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Where can we check the exact day when we joined steemit?

You can use both these tools:

Steemworld: https://steemworld.org/@bjornb (replace by your own id) 


Steemd: https://steemd.com/@bjornb  (replace by your own id) 

In steemworld you will need to go to the "General Data" tab of the "profile" tab.

In Steemd it is visible immediately on the left hand side.

Both are great Steem tools to keep handy btw!


You can check it out on any Steem Block Explorers like SteemD.com, SteemDB.com and SteemBlockExplorer.com or use third-party sites like SteemWorld.org.

For SteemWorld.org, it's under General Data. The Date/Time however is based on where the server for Steemworld.org is located as I swear I could remember joining Steem on the 28th (PH time) not 29th.

The most accurate one is looking at it on any Steem Block Explorers like SteemBlockExplorer.com  , SteemD.com and SteemDB.com which displays my creation date on the 28th of December 2017


If you log onto steemworld.org you will see there is a menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click General data and you will see the date your account was created.

Mine was   Created2018-03-12, 18:34 and if you want to know how many days that is go and check steemd.com and log in there and it will tell you the exact number of days.

There are lots of sites like this which you must use to help you understand your account and it helps you see how your account is growing. Steemworld.org is probably the best one as it gives you all the information you will need to know.


In order to know when you joind steemit - you can simply do so in just one step.

Step 1 -  open the URL [Uniform resource locator] https://steemd.com/@user-name

Assuming that you want to check you joining date than type in your name after, "@" sign i.e.

https://steemd.com/@silenteyes  and enter

There on the left side, you can see the Age - which displays the month you joined and how many days you have been on the steemit platform. Which is that you joined in October 2017 and have been around for 358 days.

I've taken a screenshot of my profile to give you the glimpse as to how it looks likes. Please check the image as follows:-

Here you can clearly see that I joined in July 2018 and it has been 82 days since I joined steemit. The URL I entered was:-


So now you can check any of your friends date as well when he joined steemit. What you all need to do is enter the, "username" after, "@" sign.

Steemd.org - gives you other inforamtion as well like:-

- Users reputation

- Resource credits

- Voting Weight & Power

- Recent transaction that has been performed tied to that partciular user who you are quering.

steemdb is very helpful to give you a brief history on the user profile overall and is very helpful interms of giving you an idea what has been going around with your account.


The 2 places I know of and use often are 

  • steemworld.org
  • steemd.com

Both will have the info you are looking for and much much more.