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Have you known someone famous before they became famous?

Yes i have. And that's no other than Oyinlayefa Okpalo. This just brings back memories that i thought i had forgotten. The brain is truly magnificent.

So i met layefa or laye for short and as his close friends would call him when he was just a pimple faced womanizer. I mean this guy could not make a full sentence without adding a woman to the mix. It was always laughable and he dint mind it at all seeing i was one of the only femala he was really cool with.

One would think someone who doesn't think of anything else but girls and how to get with them, would know how to talk to girls. Well newa flash, layefa is just a cocktail of surprises. He had no inclink on how to approach a girl or even what to say if he were to actually get the chance.

Anyways, laye was all about music too. Infact, it was his second love. He would make some beats and throw on lyrics that dint make sense and then send them to me. I am a strict critic but i loved this pimple faced child like a brother and did not have the heart to tell him it was awful.

But I'm sure he knew by my body language. And he'd head back to the booth and start over.

It was like this for at least seven years and then one day he hit me with one jam that totally took everyone by surprise. You see, in seven years and as long as it may sound, laye struggled and worked and pushed himself to be better. And by God he did get better. His first single named wife material was amazing and i was blown away.

He had grown from this talentless womanizer to a fine young man with great vocals. I'm so proud of him because he still keeps in touch. If anything I'm the one who doesn't call at all.


Yes, actually I have. We were working together and he got into politics and became a minister.

The good thing is he has not forget where he came from and he's still in contact with people he knew before becoming a politician.

Another is a childhood friend from the neighborhood who became ambassador and now he's in parliament. He also knows where he came from.

That's a rare quality, many famous people forget about the past or just don't want to recognise or be in contact with people from the past for various reasons.