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Is touchscreen feature necessary for a laptop? If yes describe the benefits of it.?
I am going to buy a new laptop and I saw several with touchscreen feature and they are a little expensieve but not that much. So if I have it is it something luxury or do I need it?

In my humble opinion, I find it a waste for my usage. Most of the times the input device that I use in my laptop is the keyboard and mouse. The reason is because people have been used to it for a long time. I have seen my sister making use of the touch screen in the laptop but I hardly use it even though there is a feature available. So I personally feel that it is not required. 

If the laptop type is slim and if your laptop can be used as a bigger windows device, then touch facility can be utilized. Maybe if you are someone who is highly fond of using Microsoft store and use windows app, then touch facility can be good for you. If you are a regular use like me, touchscreen feature may not add any value. You will end up using it at time when you suddenly realize that there is a touch screen facility in your laptop and you are not using it. 

I will let others talk about the real benefits of having a touchscreen facility in the laptop. 


No, it is not a feature that is strictly necessary, but no doubt everything depends on the use you plan to give your laptop and usually the laptop with touch screen are focused to be laptop for people who work in the field of design and editing because they allow you to make use of the resources of the equipment in a more practical way.

For example, one of the notable benefits of this type of laptops is that it allows us to create, design and develop more realistic models, plans and figures by offering us the possibility of using a stylus.


* In the field, lets say in a cafe describing your work to a customer or in a construction site standing up, you might not be able to use mouse. 

* Double finger touch is a nice feature and sometimes it is faster then mouse.

* Two person can use the screen faster, switching mouse place takes time ( imagine less organised and small table )

If you mainly use it in an office or home environment you don't need it, it is luxury.