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Why do most people choose to invest in XRP?
I want to invest in XRP vey soon.

People generally invest in Ripple (XRP) for four reasons:

1. It was one of the first altcoins. Ripple even existed before Bitcoin as a network of trust lines, a digital form of hawala banking. So it was based on trust, exactly the factor that cryptocurrencies try to avoid. Not a good fit.

2. One XRP is much cheaper than one Bitcoin. People forget that there are 17 million BTC but 99 billion XRP, most of which are owned by Ripple, the company that created XRP (and which lies about having done that, because it was an illegal way to fund a company).

3. A few banks are experimenting with Ripple. But it's unlikely that they will actually use XRP.

4. Paying with XRP is very fast. This is the only good reason. But Steem has the same advantage, without even focusing on payments.

*Declaration of interest: I recently recovered the secret key to a Ripple wallet from 2014, with the help of volunteers on various forums, while Ripple Support said they couldn't help me.*


Most people choose to invest their money in XRP because they knew that at the bearish market ripple price is increasing mode and many banks are going to accept Ripple in near future for fast transaction and for regulation of Ripple.

The price of Ripple has cross 5$ in January 2018 and so many predictor are predicting the price of ripple will cross 50$ at the end of June. Nowadays the price of Bitcoin is fluctuating near to 0.8$ and so it is best chance to invest your money in ripple to get 50x in just 8 months.

Ripple has a great platform with great concept. The community member of ripple are always active to have a update and give fast update through twitter and telegram channel.

The volume of ripple is always remains high and also ranks in top 5 position in coin market cap.