What do you know about Thailand?

 Well my woman is from Cambodia, and was in Thailand in a refugee camp in khaoi dang camp, near the border, when she was 4, and from there she when to the Netherlands, when she turns 6.

Since then every time she visits Cambodia, she has to come to Thailand first, and from there she goes to Cambodia. What she explained that Cambodia and Thailand are very connected to each other, many people go to Thailand to work. That can be any type of work, but most of the time those works are in karaoke bars or massages.

In fact many girls from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are being sold into Thailand, to work as a sex slave, because Thailand is also known as the biggest sex industry countries. Which is not only done by western man, but more by Chinese, Koreans, Japanese or from India.

So if you ask me, Thailand should work on corruption, and stop the sex industry, what was a creation by the wars in South East Asia in the last 60 years. If the French and the British left South East Asia alone, then Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam would never been in the state of how they are now. There for the West should support South East Asia, because they created the drama there in the first place.

The difference between the rich and the poor is huge, that even parents will sell their children to traffickers, who sell those young people to Thailand, or to support woman and girls, that they don't need to search for a Western man, to get a better life.

Here in the Netherlands iv seen many times a old guy with a young Thai or Cambodia woman, who brought her here to the Netherlands. And my woman had supported different woman with there rights, after they got married, because they were abused by there husbands.

That saying, i don't mean that every guy is doing that with a Thai woman, but the fact that some woman are searching a Western man for a better life, says more than enough about Thailand, and every Thai knows it happens lot.

While nobody should be separated from their families to find a better life, the people in the West could also support projects in Thailand, or invest in Thailand to make sure that the economy in Thailand would not force anyone to married anyone, or to force someone to work in a karaoke bar.

The ones who think that the girls in Karaoke bars are there for the fun, have no background or information about how those girls start to work there, and those stories are very disturbed to hear.

That young Cambodian girls are tricked to work in Thailand, and then get sold to Karaoke bars, were they are forced to sleep with costumers. That information is not openly spread here in the West, because tourism is important for the economy. 

While the real engine behind the night scene in Thailand has a very dark source.
And this is not from what i think, no there are family members of my woman who when to work there, and some even died there, they all got tricked to work in Thailand.

That saying people need to realize that every girl you see in the bars of Thailand, do not work there for fun, they are either forced by others or forced by circumstances. Even young boys are forced to do what ever others want, and because there is a huge sex industry tourism, are girls from nearby countries sold and brought to Thailand.

So what do i know about Thailand, well because i did research into Cambodia, did i also discover that Thailand was part of the Khmer empire. But history created both countries and since then are both countries occupied by colonization and wars. And the effects of everything in that region that poverty spread around like a disease and force people to do terrible things, like selling their own body.

That saying before i met my woman i always heard about Thailand, sex this and beaches that, and sweet food this, and cheap that. Until i met my woman, who grew up in the Netherlands BTW, then i came in the Cambodian community and also saw the Thai community here in the Netherlands. 

Then i heard those inside stories or i saw those old man with young girls on parties, and then my vision about changed.

And im convinced it should be different, the white elephant should be free and not imprisoned because of what happen in the past! That is South East Asia in a nutshell, how those countries are right now has nothing to do with the culture, and more with rebuilding what the past almost destroyed!  That's what i think about Thailand!


know about and have been 3 times, for more than a year total.


1. It's hot, except at 5pm each day when it rains.

2. They speak an unlearnable, undecipherable language that's impossible to read unless you have an IQ over 200 and there are no spaces between the words !

3. Sometimes you buy Thai Food and there is stuff in there that is only added for flavour, and Thais laugh at you as you try to eat it!

4. The trains always leave the terminus on time, but always arrive at their destination at least 3 hours late.

5. There are some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

6. Elephants and Tigers live here in the wild but I've never seen any.

7. Thai girls are the most beautiful in the world (My wife told me to write that!)

8. Thai girls are the scariest monsters in the world when they're angry (My wife did NOT tell me to write that!)

9.  The price to visit a national park is 30 Baht for Thais,but 300 Baht for foreigners.

10. It's a wonderful place to live, and I've lived here for 8 years


I've never been there, it's far away from me, basically at the other end of the world but had the chance to read many posts about Thailand on Steemit. there are many users posting and this gives me the opportunity to know more about Thailand. 

First of all I have to mention the writing. It looks very difficult to me, I think it would be time consuming to learn to write and red. 

I've seen so many exotic dishes and fruits I don't know. It would be great to taste them all. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential for our health. Exotic fruits sometimes travel from one corner of the world to another before the buyer can get them, so it's great if you can get them fresh. Markets are full of them,  you don't know which one to pick. 

So many people have pets, dogs, cats, or both. I have a friend always posting cats and dogs and he says they are everywhere. 

Old and new, old houses next to brand new luxury house. That you don't see everywhere. 

And finally the parks, and green open spaces. Cities tend to get crowded and the easiest thing to do to get more space is to cut out trees and eliminate green spaces. This is a double edged sward, you get some space but you sacrifice the fresh air. 

Overall I thin it's a wonderful tourist destination. 


I don't know much about Thailand aside the fact that they are in Asia and have a pretty large economy.

They also have a large economy with the government providing free education for the citizens until a particular age is attained.


Lols.... I think I will have to make this very short because I do watch some movies produced from Thailand and I am able to know some little things about them. My answers may sound funny but I am very sure it is something you will surely observe in Thailand.

Thailand is located in Southern East of Asia. They speak the language known as Thai. They also practice Budhasm because I have noticed Budha structures in most of their movies.

Thailand is the only country I have seen where Elephant are reared, domesticated and sometimes used for transportation. I learnt this in the move titled "Ong Bang". My write up isn't complete if I don't tell you the capital of Thailand because it is very popular in their movies. The capital of Thailand is known as Bangkok and the currency spent in Thailand is known as Thai Baht. In Thailand, there are different festivals performed by different cultures and inhabitants of the country. I think one of them is climbing the Banyan tree. They also do alot of sacrifice in their shrine just to please Budha.

I also noticed that they love to Bow down for the Budha Statue because this is mostly common in their own movies. They also have Tourists centers where you can have fun and enjoy yourself.

I think those are the few things I know about them and I was able to learn this by watching their movies. I don't like to give false answers all in the name of money to mislead people. I believe in saying what is right and leaving questions I have no knowledge about than misleading people with false answers.

In conclusion I do enjoy their action movies alot. 😀😀.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy located in Southeast Asia. With the Constitutional Monarchy system, the Head of State of Thailand is a King and the Head of Government is a Prime Minister. Thailand's total area is 513,120 km2 with a population of 68,200,824 people. The majority of Thailand's population is ethnic Thai and Buddhist.

Astronomically, Thailand is located between 5 ° - 21 ° N and 97 ° - 106 ° East. The country whose local name is called Mueang Thai is geographically bordered by Laos and Cambodia in the east, while on the west it borders Myanmar and the Andaman Sea. In the south, Thailand borders Malaysia and the Gulf of Siam. Previously, Thailand was also known as the Siam State.

In foreign relations, Thailand is one of the founding countries of ASEAN along with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. The city of Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, is a city where this ASEAN geo-political and economic organization was established. Aside from being a member of ASEAN, Thailand is also a member of the United Nations and institutions under the United Nations as well as APEC and Interpol members. Thailand is also known as the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized by European countries.