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At what age is the best time to retire from work?

According to me , There is no any specific age to get retired from work. It is depending up on how passionate you are  on your work . Age just a number and if our health and mindset help us to work, we can continue particular work. 

In India retirement age is 55 , it is actually giving opportunity to new candidates to engage in work. There are many people who do engage on work even after retirement. If you are really fantastic at it work , I don't think that there is need of retirement.

There are many people who turned 60 and continue their profession as passion. Amitabh Bachchan, Mammootty , Rajnikanth are the best examples. Mammootty , a Malayalam actor who turned 67 and continue his acting career and giving competition    even to his so

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Retirement age depends on so many factors, factors that can affect the quality of life after retirement. This can be, the amount of cash you have saved, the kind of business you have built to sustain you needs or investment made to cater for the future.

The best time or age to retire is unique to every individual, the Tech Boom made so many people retire in their early 40s and late 30s, many more did retire during the last crypto bull run and my guess is they're probably a lot younger.

Retirement age is the age when you have the required resources to cater for your needs and the needs of you family without asking for aid from others or the government.

Some may chose to continue working even after acquiring the resources, that is where choice comes in, and some may not attain such height even at age 65.

Which is the legal age of retirement in my country.


The age at which you can AFFORD to retire from work

You must have enough money in savings and other income to be able to retire without worrying about financing. If you do not, then what will your retirement look like?

You will be constantly stressed about paying bills, wondering if you can afford to go out, buy a car, visit your grandchildren, etc.

This will do nothing buy make your life a series of never ending stress and worry

Pretty much exactly like work huh? But without the pay.


normally at 55 years old, here on my country that´s the normal


Well i believe that it depends on the physical strength and mental strength of the individually especially when the person have reached a point whereby they know longer have the physical and mental capacity to get job done at work.


There are rally no specified time time at what age you should retire unless you are working for the government.

But yeah for people like us who have no government job they do not have a specific age to retire as because if you love what you do than there is no meaning of quitting it as long as you love do that job.

While at the other hand if you have enough saving in your 30's or 40 's or even in early 25 yeas it can be of any time if you have got a back up plan in place and you do not have to worry a lot about money stuff than probably it is the right time for yourself to retire. 


Whenever it's economically possible for you, and/or you want to retire. 

This is based entirely on these two factors. Can you retire, and do you want to.

Some people work to obtain purpose, some people to eat, some people both. 

If you are lucky enough to work to fulfill purpose alone, you are blessed to have a choice in the matter.