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What is a secret which you would not tell in real life, but would on Musing due to anonymity?
Musing not only allows us to ask questions and give answers, but also to free our mind and speech, even if with a secret...

I have no secrets,

only experiences and opinions nobody ever asked about.

I don't know if there's something I could do or think which I would like to keep Secret.

And sure, most People would probably think twice before wearing the fact that they murdered or raped someone on their sleeve.

And I would be no exception, except, that would be very unlike me to do such thing so I am not taking it into account.

I am not anonymous here nor I believe one can be on the internet.

Therefore I don't believe being online or offline change a thing.


A secret is a secret, beside that's why it's consider as a secret because one choose to hold it private. But then their are certain secret that holds little or no risk sharing online especially when one is sure no one knows him in person from the audience. There are few secrets I think I can share on musing that's because they hold little implications and such secrets are:

1.A secret about my relationship: I feel no one knows my girlfriend or me personally, so sharing out some secret about my relationship seems cool and of no harm and there are high possibilities that the other party wouldn't learn of what I shared out.

2.A secret to why I do and don't do some things: yes, this is an easy one, I can freely share why I shout at someone,get angry easily, hate the opposite sex, is sexually violent, don't eat certain food etc. That's because I don't find them too harsh to be shared.

3.Finally, I can share secret of my friends with anonymous identity, this is because no one gets to know my friend or even know it's targeted to him, so telling out our or his secret seems not to be just fine with no damage cause.


If something is a secret, there's no need telling it because it's a secret. The moment you told it, it will no longer be a secret. And a person's secret is only safe with him/ her regardless of the anonymity of the platform it's shared. Besides, how will hearing people's secrets be of any help to you?


I don't think there's such thing as anonymity any more. All you say here is publicly said, there's no secret. once it's published, it's out in the open. So if you have secrets and want to keep them secret, don't say or write it down anywhere. 


I have always been myself, I don't have any secret that I would not want people know.