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Can a country run only on cryptocurrency?
I am wondering if any country, how little it might be, could switch to cryptocurrency instead of traditional monetary notes and coins.

I don‘t think so. A lot of people would miss out because it is still far too complicated to use cryptocurrencies (the elderly for instance). Imagine the billions and billions which would be necessary for businesses, shops, the whole economy and the government, to swatch to crypto. Furthermore crypto is not stable enough. What happens if there are vast fluctuations regarding the value of a cryptocoin? What about the fact that not everybody has internet or a mobile phone or does not know how to use these things. In the countryside we still have areas where they simply would not work...And then there is the fact that vast amounts of electricity are necessary to mine crypto. That is not sustainable and would put even more of a strain on the environment.


Yes it can. Specially when government declares cryptos as legal tender, it will bring trust of masses.

However, I think due to volatile nature of cryptos, governments might issue their own stable crypto or may use existing stable cryptos.


Tomorow? - No

Next year? - No

2025 ? - I doubt

2030 - very hard. But possible

2050 - depends where you look. Most countries still hardly possible.

2070 - yes, especialy if this is a small one. Like Malta or Estonia

2090 - yes. For many.

2120 - YES. It's so logical. Easy. Natural.