What Culinary Foods Are Specific To Your Country For Christmas?
Each country has its culinary specific on Christmas and we want to try to find out which are those...

Filipinos love to have so much food and dishes on the table during holiday seasons especially Christmas day and New Year. We have some varieties of food preparation during that day. We heavily put efforts in Lechon either chicken or pork, one of the most favorites of some Pinoys. We also love to have some sweets on the table like cakes, mango floats, salad and beverages and children's most favorite, the Filipino style spaghetti. Most importantly, we will never forget to have rice dishes during Christmas eve, a perfect combination for some western influenced food and traditional one.



I think it's basically RICE for us here in Nigeria.

Nigerians love rice so much that it is not only limited to Christmas. 

When there is any major celebration almost anywhere in Nigeria, Mr Rice is called upon. You can never be at any party without Mr Rice already being present. That's pretty much how we love Rice so much here. Even on Sundays, we get to cook rice as a means of celebrating the holy day. 

Whether it's a birthday party, wedding ceremony or anniversary, Mr Rice is always present, so, it is no doubt that Mr Rice is the centre of attraction even during Christmas.

I think there are basically three types of RICE used for Jesus's birthday celebration on Christmas days. And they are, Fried Rice, Jollof Rice and White Rice/Stew.

Growing up, my Mom used to prepare White Rice/Stew for Christmas, subsequently, we switched to Jollof rice and more recently, we have switched to Fried Rice, although, we still prepare Jollof rice as Fried rice do not really stay long.


There are various foods or dishes that are usually prepared for Christmas here in the Philippines. It is like a fiesta of foods especially for those who can afford.

One of the most common I would say is Spaghetti that even those with tight budget can prepare. Ham is also a popular Christmas food here as well as the Quezo de Bola or cheese ball. Those who have bigger budgets might prepare pork lechon.

Fried chicken and hotdogs are also commonly prepared for the celebration. As well as fruit salad, macaroni salad and other native desserts like maja blanca.

Dishes to be paired with rice are common too like menudo and caldereta. Christmas cake is becoming common as well.


We Filipinos Love eating specially when holidays. In our House when Christmas Eve and New years Eve is coming. We are prepairing many varieties of foods. here are some of it. 

We cant lived without rice hehehe. 

 1. Filipino Style Spaghetti - Sweet and meaty sauce with Cheeesy on top.

2. Spring Rolls , Hotdogs 

3. Caldereta 

4. Menudo 

5. Grilled Pork Liempo , Pork Lechon , Lechon Manok (chicken) 

6. Cakes , Ice creams and Fruits Salads.

7. Cold Beers and Rhum 

We do eat all of this and celebrate the holidays with smile and happiness in our faces. Thanking Jesus for the whole year of Guiding and Giving us Good Health.

Happy Holidays to all you Guys.


Where I come from, it is Rice. We cook rice in all occasions, except it's a traditional occasion that you won't really find rice; even at that you can still find atleast one person eating rice. Rice is ceremonial in my country at large. Sometimes the caterers tries to make us have this Rice in different forms; so we have fried rice, jellof rice, rice with stew , rice with peppery sauce and rice with peppery soup. All these are the different ways of preparing Rice, of course it's still Rice.

This Christmas, it's gonna be rice, rice and rice. Alot of families will make sure they prepare atleast one of the above listed form of rice delicacy. And we often eat Rice with Chicken, Its so good with Chicken.

So if you wanna eat Rice this Christmas, come to my country.


Our Christmas celebration is mostly influenced by Western cuisine. I guess it is due to the fact we also like it and we've been watching a lot of Hollywood movies where we acquire most of our interest with western food.

I'm now living here sin Singapore and even though Christmas isn't widely celebrated here, we still make a nice dinner for us. Let me share to you a list of what we normally have on this occasion:

1. Grilled Chicken / Pork belly

- I would say that this our alternative to Oven baked turkey.

2. Spaghetti

- This is personal favourite of mine.

3. Mixed sauteed vegetables

- An occasion like this must have a healthy dish of course, it has something to do with my Asian background

4. Ice cream / Fruit salad

- For dessert, a simple ice cream or mixed fruit will do.

It's just a simple meal but what is important is the bonding of family members. At this time, we get to exchange our gifts with one another which will complete the night of celebration.


In Venezuela, the protagonist of the Christmas dinner is the multisápida hallaca. 

This one is made with corn flour well kneaded with onoto so that it becomes red, it is filled with a stew of meat of cochino and beef, to which capers are added, olives and raisins that give him a unique flavor, all this is wrapped in leaves of banana tied with thread pabilo and they are put to boil by 30 minutes.

In addition to the hallaca, a piece of pork, a slice of ham bread and chicken or chicken salad are a must in the Christmas dish. 

After dinner, it is customary to eat dessert that can be a dulce de lechoza, panettone or black cake or Christmas cake.

That's how you enjoy a Christmas dinner in Venezuela, I hope that this year you can make it in many homes because due to the hyperinflationary crisis in the country is more difficult to make it because of the high cost of food.


Rice!Rice!Rice! We love rice not just on Christmas but we love it even more during christmas