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Can you ask somebody if he is mad at you?
There are some toxic questions in a relationship or outside and wonder if asking "Are you mad at me?" is one of them.

Of course I can.

Asking someone if he is mad at you is obviously not a bad question.

It makes you know your stand. Some people may get angry at you and wouldn't say why.

They wouldn't tell you that they are angry. They'd just be mad.

Some people are so good at hiding their anger that you never really know if they're angry at you if you don't ask.

Asking them makes you find out what you did wrong and adjust accordingly.

If they're angry at you because of something you did wrong, you are able to address the situation immediately before it gets out of hand.

So asking if someone is mad at you obviously isn't a bad question.


 When a family member, friend, neighbor or anyone who i know is looking at me like this......


Then i would ask yes if there is something wrong, because they look mad at me! But i would never ask that in my relationship, because if my partner is mad on me, then i know the reason behind it.

If i would ask her if she is mad, then i would only throw water on hot oil, because i should have known as her partner, about why she is mad. But if am honest, me and my partner made a agreement. That we don't influence each other with anger, if one of us get annoyed by anything from outside the home.

So when something happen and one of us is mad on someone, then we give each other the time and space to express what we feel, while the other only listen. On this way we can open our hearts, without getting influenced by a subjective opinion, what could throw water on hot oil.

The best what people can do in a relationship when someone is angry, is to leave that person alone, until the anger cools of and he/she is ready to speak about it, and then only listen until he/she is ready to talk rational about the situation.
Asking if someone is mad would not be wise on your partner, just saying! 


I strongly corroborate with your point which is there are some toxic questions in a relationship or outside". You are absolutely right about this but when it comes to asking people about their strange emotions towards you, I don't really think such questions are toxic.

We may notice a strange behavior or character portrayed by some people towards us. As humans, we tend to develop a sense of curiosity which leads to us asking such questions. Anytime I notice my close friend acting strangely towards me like shouting on me or getting angry for just trivial issue which may occur between us, I do ask him "why are you mad at me"?

Another important thing we need to know is that one man's food is another man's poison. What makes some people angry or mad might not make some other people angry. It actually depends on the individual. But how do we tend to know if we offended them if we don't ask them? This is why it is important to ask such question most especially if you notice there is a change or swing in mood of the person involved.

In conclusion, asking someone "are you mad at me ? " is not really a bad thing. It is just a means of clearing one's doubt or conscience when one is very curious and also when there is a strange change in mood by the person involved.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Yeah! I can ask if someone is mad at me. Sometimes friends gets angry without even letting you know they are mad at me, but once I notice that you are quiet or frowning, I'll ask.

Some don't just do anything for you to see that they are mad at you, they simply play normal, but deep down they are angry. In this case, you need to recount all that you said before leaving lol,if you feel you sounded annoying, you then ask. For we know the things we say that can get another person to be so mad at us. Like myself, I know sometimes I could be so annoying with my words, even though I may be joking, I simply ask, "I hope your not mad at me, I was joking"

It's not wrong to ask that, it takes a great personality to do so.

Some cocky folks won't give a heck If your mad or not.

You are incredibly doing the right thing if you can ask that.


You can, but you need to tread very lightly on it.  It's very easy for this to spiral out of control.  It may be best to not bring this up, but it really depends on the context of why they would be mad at you.

Personally, I wouldn't ask in most cases.  Body language should be able to tell you enough.

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No. Strictly prohibited.



If you are going to delegate authority over YOUR life to random strangers... sigh.

You’re fucking delusional to think “are you mad at me” is a toxic question.

Merry Christmas! The present of TRUTH. 🙌😈😇


I don't think it's wrong to ever ask a question. I have often asked this and made things worse. I was obviously meant to have known what caused the anger.

Communication is key in all successful relationships. I like to know where I stand so I can understand what caused the anger. We want a smooth happy relationship and knowing where and how to improve is one of them.


Hmmmm. Yeah. I think that is not a bad idea. If you think someone is mad at you, then at least try to check it out. He or she might not be mad, maybe it is not even that , maybe it is something else. The mature thing is to just ask, you are doing that right thing. Go ahead!!!