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If Virginity Is The Pride Of A Woman, What’s The Pride Of A Man?
The virginity might be considered the pride of a woman, its innocence and care for her and the one she loves. But, does the man has such a pride, how is him different and what does it treasure...

Taking it. 😈


I don't know why most peoe think only the woman has to preserve herself. I think virginity and self purity applies to both. If the woman should keep herself for the man, why not the other way round? I think there are men out there who are also keeping themselves pure for the right woman and they are proud about it.

For me, it should be a sense of pride for both parties not only the woman. I see a beautiful scene when two people who have kept themselves for each other finally end up together. It is such a wonderful sight and it is something to be proud of and applauded given the generation we are in. And men should stop pushing this aspect of self pride in virginity only to the women and do some work too.


Well if we're looking at it from a sex related point of view then the man's is the exact opposite, his sexual conquests as a man are his pride. The more women you've been with and the farther away you are from the term "virgin" the greater your pride. It's just how this world is, one sex is praised for keeping something safe and untouched, another is praised for getting as many of that thing as possible.

Well in the real sense of things and viewing life on a grander scale then the pride of a man is usually tied to his wealth. However wealth is measured in a particular place will be the determining factor of just how what the pride of a man is. If we use money as the most common indication of wealth then the more money you have, the more pride you'll have as a man.

The more you've accomplished; having a house, owning a car, having a big bank account, these are the things that make you proud as a man. In some places in Nigeria, particularly the north, the more kids you have, irrespective of whether or not you can take care of them, is the pride of a man. You'll see people with next to nothing having 15 kids and being hailed as being a "Man".

The pride of a man will forever be associated with his wealth and accomplishments in life, it's either one or the other or a combination of the two. The more you have as a man, the harder you can beat your chest and stand proud.

The rules of life are very different for both sexes as being a virgin till your married as a man is frowned upon, and so is being wealthy as a single woman is no different. Perhaps one day things will change.

I hope this helps.


I agreed with all the fellow musers, who have answered this question ... Virginity should also be considered as the pride for men as well.

But as you asked about what's the pride of a man. I would answer it with what is considered as the pride of a man in many societies around the world.

It has been considered as pride of a man, for almost from the beginning of the time, to provide protection to his woman. 

How can a man provide the protection to his woman?

He should have the courage to stand up in between hot & cold seasons and his woman. He can provide her with security and stability in life. 

But buddy, if you asked my personal opinion, I would say what Scottish actor James McAvoy said:

"I take a lot of pride in being myself. I am comfortable with who I am."

Thanks & have a nice & lovely day.


Accomplishment and wealth are the pride of a man. An accomplished or wealthy man always feels very proud of himself. Besides, who said virginity is the pride of a woman? After she losses such virginity, what will then be her pride?


A man's pride is strength. When he can do or lift anything with his hands, that's the pride of a man. Men do not want to be considered weak. If someone says he is weak, then the man will be angry. Often we see men train their muscles or exercise, making them more proud of themselves.


Talking about women's virginity is endless. What exactly does virginity mean for a woman? For some women virginity is a very sacred thing. In my country that is very strong with eastern culture, virginity does have a very sacred meaning and some people argue that this must be maintained until later marriage. Virginity is even a value when women are getting married.

Unfortunately, in this modern era, the more free and westernized virginity seems to be something that is no longer taboo for most young people. Whether it's because of following a trend that considers a virgin girl to be uncool, or losing her virginity because of love for a partner who will not be sure to be her future husband, a virgin as if it is not as valuable as before. Sadly there are those who are not virgins when they are even 17 years old.

Losing virginity before marriage is actually full of consequences. In addition to guilt that will haunt yourself for life, not a virgin will also make you pursued a moral burden as a naughty girl. For the majority of the Indonesian people, virginity is indeed still very sacred. Having sex before marriage is a very taboo and forbidden thing. Stamp as a woman who is not a virgin will certainly interfere.

Girls who have lost their virginity tend to be lowered by their partners. Well, indeed not all men will be evil and disparage women who are not virgins. There are men who will still love women despite their status. But believe it or not, when building a relationship and being involved in a fight your status as a woman who is not a virgin will still be brought up and this will make you feel guilty.

In addition to having sex before marriage also has the potential to create an unhealthy love relationship. Many women choose to stay with a man who hurts more often just because he has given her virginity to the man. Although in the end they will get married, but the marriage will actually be out of harmony and even end in the divorce trial.

We must admit that after all a virgin woman will be more appreciated by men. Because for men marrying a virgin woman is a matter of pride. Maybe some people cannot fully accept this fact, but the majority of men will be more appreciative of their virgin women, and they feel proud to be able to marry a virgin woman. Even they will be willing to hold back their sexual desires because their partner is still a virgin when they are dating. Men will respect women who can take care of themselves, which is why they will be encouraged to look after their partners until they get married.

If a woman's pride is virginity, then the pride of men is to get a woman who is still a virgin to be his wife.