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What's the most change you need to make in your life this year?
If you would be to name the one thing you need to change in your life to make it better this year (2019) what would it be...?

I need to change my financial situation, last year l lost so much to sport betting. I realized that I did lost a chunk of cash in betting without making a reasonable profit from it. Come this year,I want to quit it and focus my energy to profitable investments.



I am hoping to change my financial habits and life style . I have been very bad at saving and budgeting. I always spend a lot of my salary and I could not save these past few years. I need to change my habits when it comes to spending . I should work more on that. The other thing is my lifestyle . I have been very lazy in exercising and I gained a lot of weight so I want to focus on exercising and lose weight . It can also makes me spend less on food too . :) Anyway, I hope I can achieve the change that I wanted this year.


I need to change from just having income and not investing it. This year, I will start making it a habit of investing my money in what will yield profit for me. I will also change from patronizing other social media platforms. I will stick to steemit blockchain mostly this new year as steemit has been giving me excess joy right from when I joined the platform.

God bless the Steemit team.