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What triggers hate in the human mind and soul?
Hate and love are like the sweet and salt of the human being and while the love is clear, I am wondering what could be triggering hate for someone. I am forgiving man and even if I went through harsh times, I still cannot explain the root of it.

Hate is an unnatural feeling. It's usually influence by our views about ourselves and other people. Our upbringing also play very important part in how we view other people. A man that loves himself /herself, brought up to respect and see himself/herself as same with others would learn to love and accept others. But someone that dislike himself /herself will hardly like other people. Our views about ourselves is the number one influence of the views we will have of other people and how we are going to relate with such people.

The type of information we're fed of others or how we are brought up also influences feeling of love or hate for others. A child brought up in a loveless and hostile environment would extend such negative experience to others because that is what has been configured in the heart of such child and vice versa.

Also, our experiences also affect the type of feelings we will have for others. Someone that has been hurt repeatedly by a certain type of person or race will naturally develop hate for people looking like those that have hurt him/her. Jealousy and suspicion also breeds hate in one's heart.

So hate is caused by circumstances surrounding a person's life but everyone still has a choice to make whether to show love or hate


We tend to hate that what we don't understand.

In a way, hostility is but a defense mechanism.

For me, while I'm not a type to hate anyone. 

Strong negative emotions come from my inability to relate with people who have all the opportunity in the world to be smart but somehow turned out to be fucking idiots.

Which is, roughly 90% of the population.

No, like, seriously. 

People are so dumb at times it genuinely makes me angry.

No hate though.

I understand it's not their fault.

Nobody ever chooses anything, there's not free will and shit.


Hate and Love are two faces of coin. There is a center point, to its right is Love, and to its left is Hate. 

Love and Hate are normally tested on the basis of the preset standards of Like and Dislike or you could say, Like is the unit of Love and Dislike is the unit of Hate, in which these two strong emotions are measured.

When you get benefits from someone, you like (Love) them. These benefits could be emotional, financial, social etc. Same is true for Hate, when someone do you harm, you dislike (Hate) them. Again, these harms could be emotional, financial, social etc.

Just like "Anger" is a natural emotion/feeling, Hate is too. The only thing which is countable and defines any person's character is, how they control it.


I am so much in love with myself because I don't have the time to hate. Why I don't have time to hate is because it won't add a dime to my bank account. There are a lot of things that can trigger hate which I am going to mention some of it.

• Hate occurs as a result of not being able to forgive someone for the wrong he did to you or another person.

• Hate occurs when you feel someone has the potential to outshine you and you have come to the conclusion within yourself that the person has outshined you.

• When you envy a person, that's a form of hate. Envying someone means you cannot get to his standard.

•Hate also occurs as a result of inferiority complex.

These are the reasons why most people hate. So many people have different reasons for why they hate. Hating someone is not a good thing to do and my religion which is christianity does not permit it.