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What are you willing to give in order to receive what you desire?
We are all followed by karma and in order to receive we need first to be willing to give...what would that be for you...?

For me to receive what i so much desire, I am willing to give my time, for anything worthwhile, the number one currency one must spend is time, am willing to give my time to learn the skills that will help me receive that i so much desire.

Secondly am willing to be dedicated, achieving one desire requires dedication, as I want to receive financial success, am willing to dedicate myself to learning the skills to aquire financial wealth

Lastly,am willing to work, no success come on a platter of gold, you have to work for it, knowing this, I am willing and ready to work my way out to receiving what i Desire.

With the right skills, dedication and work, nothing you desire is unachievable.



Nobody is ever willing to receive orders continously. Human cheriches his liberty of Choices. Freedom as Opposed to servitude is having the liberty to exercise Authority voluntarily

As much as humans want to be free , Will full service to humity without recourse to reward is the highway to good Success.

Wouldn't you rather humble yourself, and service o