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Is Donald Trump the worst president of all times?
For sure Donald Trump is not an average president, but is it the worst ever? Is this the worst man on the Planet?

Depends entirely on the subjective context one establishes to define the spectrum of criteria which would determine what “worse/betters” means exactly.


No. The worst president in the world is named Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela. Whoever says that he is Donald Trump is because he has not read and less has suffered the dictatorship of this Venezuelan warlord. Donald Trump is a baby in diapers in front of a sinister man named Nicolás Maduro.

He is the worst president because he plays with the hunger of the people, because even though he has the possibility of asking for humanitarian aid from other countries, he prefers that we go hungry and get sick.

He is the worst president because he and all his people are corrupt, they have become vilely rich with the money of an entire country, while the rest of us have become poorer every day.

He is the worst president because he has ordered the military to kill the people, persecuted their opponents and imprisoned them, subjecting them to great humiliation.

He is the worst of all presidents because he has expropriated large companies and bankrupted them, leaving thousands of people unemployed. It has also expropriated land, houses. They are criminals in suits and ties.

It is the worst because it cheats to stay in government, because it has control of all powers and yet it is inefficient and incapable. 

It's the worst of all because these words I could never say to his face or in any Venezuelan media because they would surely imprison me or kill me.

If Donald Trump is a cancer, Mature is death, with him there is no life expectancy.


He is arrogant. It may work in business where only the financial interests prevail but not in international relations where we sometimes make shot after blow trying to find a way out for his friends said allies. Some people are aware that the wheel of history is turning and that the powers of yesteryear are only shadows. America will have to stay modest to spare or hope for allies and friends in its decline.